Santa's Chocolate Orange

Santa's Chocolate Orange

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3% Hazelnut by Flavor West

5% Chocolate Hazelnut spread by Flavor West

8% Florida orange by the Flavour Concentrate Company

Its not Christmas without a chocolate orange. A delightfully sweet and rich chocolate orange.

6 Days steep time.

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Hi Paul,

Thank you for your comment.

I am sorry to hear that the recipe did not turn out how you expected it to.

Feel free to increase the percentage of the Florida Orange flavour concentrate to 10% to achieve a tangy flavour.

Alternatively, you could try using Orange by Inawera, which is a naturally sweet, true to taste flavour concentrate.

I hope this helps!

Do feel free to get in contact if you have any other questions.

Best wishes,


Paul Morley

Tried this and it tastes like a really cheep digestive biscuit not nearly enough orange

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