Capella Flavour Concentrates

Capella prides itself on offering a diverse and delicious line of water-soluble, highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavour concentrates. The meticulously crafted flavours are designed to elevate your vaping experiences to new heights. What sets Capella apart is their commitment to quality and purity – their  flavour concentrates contain no fats, calories, or preservatives, ensuring a clean and wholesome taste with every use.

The highly concentrated nature of Capella flavour concentrates deliver an unparalleled flavour experience. With Capella, you can enjoy deep aroma, dense concentration, and unmatched taste, all without compromising on quality or purity. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, or a vaping connoisseur, Capella has something to offer.

Explore the wide range of flavours and unleash your creativity. With Capella, the possibilities are endless, and the flavours are unforgettable. Easy to blend, these flavour concentrates should be mixed at 15-20% to get their full flavour. All flavour concentrates come in a PG base.