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Easter Treats From Make My Vape

Alison Brown

We have some great suggestions for Easter flavours.  All the featured flavours will earn DOUBLE loyalty points until the end of Easter Monday.  All products featured below can be found here.

With Easter just around the corner, chocolate treats are everywhere.  Why not make your vape a chocolaty indulgence this Easter weekend?

We’ve found the top 6 flavours for the Easter season.

Check out our special Easter recipes below to make your own delicious e-liquids.


Chocolate, chocolate everywhere

If – like me – you’re seeing chocolate eggs and bunnies everywhere you go, then you might be craving sweet treats more than usual.

You can get that feeling of indulgence from your vape.

We have some of the most delicious chocolate flavourings for you to treat yourself this Easter.


Top 6 Flavours for Easter treats

We’ve gathered six of the best flavours for Easter and there is a definite theme: treat time.  Chocolate is definitely the flavour for Easter but I managed to find a few choice cake flavours that create the same sense of indulgence for those who want to balance all their Easter eggs with something a bit different.


Nonna’s Cake FA – FlavourConcentrates.com

This is an indulgent treat all on its own.  It’s like a slice of nanna’s classic lemon cake.  Sweet and smooth, it’ll satisfy your sweet cravings, but the lemon adds a zesty tang to give it a little something extra.  Reminiscent of the Italian torta della Nonna, it has the taste of velvety Italian custard between layers of perfectly crumbly and buttery pastry, topped with a sprinkling of pine nuts.

One of our most versatile flavours, Nonna’s Cake is a great base flavour as it has a smooth, custardy richness that can be built upon to create cakey treats.

This is a flavour that must be steeped for at least 14 days.  The longer it is steeped, the more intense the cake flavour that comes through.  Mix at 1-3% for best results as a standalone.


Chocolate Cream – Inawera

A smooth velvety cream with a mellow chocolate taste.  Delicious mixed at 4%.

This is a total chocolate hit and the smooth, creamy texture will satisfy your cravings.  It has a thick, velvety vapour in the mouth which makes it a definite favourite.

If you’re looking for a total chocolate indulgence, then Inawera’sChocolate Cream is great as a standalone flavour.  Alone, we recommend mixing at 3-4%.

This mixes well with cake or biscuit flavours as it keeps the mixture smooth and creamy whilst adding that chocolate flavour.

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – Flavor West

This rich chocolate flavour is a luxury praline treat.  

Alone, this is a creamy chocolate-and-hazelnut flavour and we recommend mixing at 5-10%.  The nutty taste tempers the sweetness and gives it a richer, fuller flavour.

If you want to add a chocolate flavour to a mix, this is one of the best choices, since it is creamy and rich.  The nutty element works well with cake or desert flavours and stops you having to add a separate hazelnut flavouring.


Chocolate Mint – Flavor West

Dark chocolate and mint.  This complex flavour has the hint of bitterness that comes with dark chocolate, and the mint adds a refreshing aftertaste.  It’s got the rich chocolate indulgence but isn’t too sweet, meaning this is a vape flavour that you can use all day.

When vaped by itself, this is a strong flavour that needs nothing else.  You can mix it at 9.6% to get the perfect chocolate mint flavour.

The understated peppermint adds a slight tang so, if you want to add a chocolate flavour to desert mixes, this is highly recommended as it doesn’t over-sweeten an already sweet mixture.

A little-known tip: add a dash of Chocolate Mint to Mocha flavours for a real wow factor.


Choccy Nut Caramel – Pope and Brewer’s Gourmet Flavours

A smooth chocolate flavour with the crunch of nuts and a hint of sweet caramel.  Unlike some chocolate flavours that can taste chalky, the caramel ensures this is smooth and rich.  This is a favourite among vapers who have a sweet tooth and want a little chocolate comfort.

As a single flavour, we recommend mixing at 10-15% to get the full, indulgent chocolaty flavour.  This won’t gunk up your coils as you spoil yourself with a daily dose of chocolate.

To mix with other flavours, you can use this as the base flavour or to add that ‘chocolate bar’ taste to the plainer flavours like cake, cream or custard.


White Chocolate – Flavor West

A more subtle chocolate flavour for those of you who don’t want to be overwhelmed by it.  The sweet, buttery taste of Flavor West’s White Chocolate adds a hint of decadence to any vape.

Delicious as a standalone flavour as it has the milkiness of white chocolate and those traces of vanilla to give a full flavour.  It can be mixed at 5-10% as a rich treat.

Perfect for bringing sweetness to tangy fruity flavours and to create a creamy effect.  It stops flavours being too dry and harsh but doesn’t overpower the other flavours, blending easily with them.  It can be used in any custard, cream or bakery mix to give a thicker, creamier note.

Favourite recipes

If you love the chocolate flavours but want some guidance on how best to mix them, perhaps because you want to know the best flavours to put together or you want a chocolate twist that isn’t overwhelming, we have some delicious chocolate and cake recipes that anyone can cook up.

Heavenly Cake

This is for those whose sweet treat is more cake than chocolate.  With all the chocolate around at Easter, you might be feeling left out, so here is our delicious Heavenly Cake recipe to give you the perfect treat.

The Vanilla Custard Supreme is a truly unique blend.  As the base flavour, it makes the whole mix creamy and rich.  This is emphasised by the smoothness of Nonna’s Cake FA, which adds a hint of lemon to bring a freshness to the mixture.  The hints of vanilla and spice in the Catalan Cream add depth to the flavour and the Super Sweet makes sure you feel your Heavenly Cake is truly indulgent.


2% Catalan Cream FA – FlavourConcentrates.com

4% Nonna’s Cake FA – FlavourConcentrates.com

1% Super Sweet – Capella

10% Vanilla Custard Supreme – Pope and Brewer’s Gourmet Flavours

Recommended steeping time: 12 days

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Mint Choc

For those who like to keep things simple, this is an easy but delicious recipe.  Although Chocolate Mint is a great flavour to vape on its own, adding a hint of Hazelnut makes the whole thing richer.  It is a chocolaty flavour that isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, meaning you can vape it all day if you want.


10% Chocolate Mint – Flavor West

5% Hazelnut – Flavor West

Recommended steeping time: 5 days

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Green Kat

“A green tea kit kat… strange… but it works.”

If you want your vape time to feel like a proper break, this is for you.  The Whipped Cream and White Chocolate make this a smooth and sweet base but it has a biscuit crunch with a hint of cinnamon from the Sugar Cookie.  Green Tea may seem a strange addition but it complements the other flavours with its herbal, slightly bitter taste. Overall, this is a sweet and chocolaty blend, tempered by the distinctive hint of Green Tea.


0.7% Green Tea – Flavorah

1.5% Sugar Cookie – Capella Flavors

3% Whipped Cream – The Flavour Apprentice

4.5% White Chocolate – Flavor West

Recommended steeping time: 7 days

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Perfect Creamcake

Vanilla Cupcake and Pound Cake base provide the cake flavour for this delicious creamy cupcake mix.  By adding Vanilla Bean Gelato, you enhance the vanilla taste with a slightly tangy feel. To make sure the blend has a smooth taste as you vape, Bavarian Cream is the best mixer, with its dense creamy flavour.  Because it is a sweet treat, it can only be improved by Marshmallow! This sweetens and enriches with a soft sugariness like the icing on the cake.

2% Bavarian Cream – Flavor West

3% Marshmallow – The Flavor Apprentice Capella

1% Nonna’s Cake FA – FlavourConcentrates.com

6% Pound Cake – Flavorah

2% Vanilla Bean Gelato – The Flavor Apprentice

6% Vanilla Cupcake – The Flavor Apprentice

Recommended steeping time: 12 days

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Signature Easter recipe

If we had to choose just one recipe to vape this Easter weekend, it would be Choc Cupcake.  It has the chocolate indulgence associated with Easter eggs and family gatherings, but its rich blend of flavours is more than just a chocolate hit, it’s a complete taste all of its own.

Choc Cupcake

The best of both worlds, surely?  If you can’t decide between chocolate and cake (welcome to my world) then why not have both?  The Chocolate Hazelnut Spread blends with the Vanilla Cupcake to form a rich and delicious base.  What makes this recipe a little more luxurious is the dash of Dulce De Leche, which gives it a caramel overtone.

5% Dulce De Leche – Flavor West

4% Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – Flavor West

9% Vanilla Cupcake – The Flavor Apprentice

Recommended steeping time: 6 days

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