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This is an indulgent treat all on its own.  It’s like a slice of nanna’s classic lemon cake.  Sweet and smooth, it’ll satisfy your sweet cravings, but the lemon adds a zesty tang to give it a little something extra.  Reminiscent of the Italian torta della Nonna, it has the taste of velvety Italian custard between layers of perfectly crumbly and buttery pastry, topped with a sprinkling of pine nuts.

One of our most versatile flavours, Nonna’s Cake is a great base flavour as it has a smooth, custardy richness that can be built upon to create cakey treats.

This is a flavour that must be steeped for at least 14 days.  The longer it is steeped, the more intense the cake flavour that comes through.  Mix at 1-3% for best results as a standalone.