Creams: Choosing the Perfect Cream For Your E-Liquid

Creams: Choosing the Perfect Cream For Your E-Liquid

Alison Brown

Cream flavour concentrates are a great base for many recipes, from fruit mixes to bakeries.

But there are so many, how do you know which one to pick?

Each one tastes different and can be used to achieve different effects.

Here, we de-mystify the cream flavours – we lay out what they taste like and what they can be paired with for the best flavour.

Read on to find out which cream would work best in your latest recipe.

Vanilla Cream – Inawera

A deliciously rich whipped-cream flavour.  This has a smooth taste.

Vanilla Cream has light and sweet vanilla accents.  On the exhale, it has hints of candy floss. The dominant flavour is cream, though, and this is a very versatile flavour.

It has a slightly sweet and heavy mouthfeel, and at higher than 1% it has faint floral notes.

Mix at 1-3%.

There is no throat hit but it is dry.

Pair with Biscuit. Or, for something a little unusual (but totally delicious), mix it with Spearmint or (for something even richer) Chocolate Mint.

For a cake-flavoured vape, make Twinkie Twinkie Little Star.

Butter Cream – Capella

This is a smooth buttercream flavour but it is not very sweet.  It has a slight frosting taste to it. It is designed to be a base for recipes rather than a standalone.

It is very dense and it fills out cake and bakery recipes to give density and body whilst not adding too much of a distinct flavour.  It also smooths harsh flavours like Cranberry and Grapefruit to create a rich fruit mix.

This is not a dairy flavour. Unlike some ‘thickening’ concentrates, this has just enough buttery taste to ensure it mixes well and doesn’t create any off flavours in your mixes while adding that thickness.

Mix at 1-2%.

This doesn’t have any throat hit.

It really complements Vanilla Cupcake!

It is used perfectly in the recipe Carrot Cake – it’s not too sweet and full of flavour. Craving Cookies is much sweeter.

Whipped Cream – The Flavor Apprentice

Fluffy and light. Whipped Cream has an airy, slight sweetness at 2% but at higher percentages it feels a little heavier and has a more milky, buttery taste (though it doesn’t become thick).  Again, this is designed to be blended to create a velvety effect.

There’s almost no throat hit.  It has more flavour on the exhale than the inhale.

This is ideal for giving heavier creams or recipes a ‘fluffiness’.  It’s also good for adding milkiness to cereal recipes, so try it with Cereal Bar or Berry Crunch Cereal.

Mix at 2-5% for the best results.

To try an exotic summer fruits recipe, check out Creamy Peach & Mango.  If you want something even easier, our Green Kat is unusual but totally worth it.


Bavarian Cream – Flavor West

A very sweet flavour. This is rich with a faint buttery taste. It is custardy as it has a heavy dairy taste and vanilla notes. It has a rich and smooth inhale but a much lighter, airier exhale.

It has no throat hit.

It is moderately dense, so it will thicken out bakery recipes but there are denser ones to do that.  This adds more flavour to recipes than other creams which are just there to add body, and you’ll get hints of that slightly custardy vanilla.

Pair it with Turkish Tobacco to make a thick and sweet flavour with those spicy and woody undertones.

Bavarian Cream is an ideal dessert base, particularly for mixing with chocolates, fruits and nuts.  For a rich and sweet treat, pair it with Choccy Nut Caramel.

These two recipes show just how well Bavarian Cream works with fruit-based flavours: Whipped Mandarin.

Cream Fresh FA –

This is very heavy.  It is designed as a base to thicken dessert and bakery recipes.  It has a strong dairy taste but none of the accents that other creams can have (such as egg or vanilla), although it is also sweet so can add that sweetness to your recipes.

It has no throat hit.

Mix at 1-3%.

Because it is plain, you can add your own choice of spices to Cream Fresh without worrying that they’ll clash. Try adding Vanilla or Pumpkin Spice for a delicious, warming vape juice.

For a really tasty recipe with only three ingredients, check out Shisha Double Apple. It’s sweet and warming.

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, then Coffee and Cream Chill is for you.

Cream – The Flavour Concentrate Company

Sweet and velvety, this is a thick, double-cream flavour.

Mix at 5% as a standalone vape, or blend it with summer fruits for a delightful dessert.  We recommend Strawberry (ripe) or the more tropical Orange Mandarin.

Our top tip: use it to thicken up your Strawberry Mikshake vape juice.

For a delicious summer dessert flavour, why not make our Pavlova with Raspberries recipe?

Sweet Cream – Capella

This is heavy and sweet.  It is quite dense and has a very creamy mouthfeel.

Rich and buttery, Sweet Cream is perfect as a base.  There is the barest hint of vanilla as well as a nutty taste that adds depth and flavour.  It is thick and heavy, with strong dairy notes. Although it is sweet, it has a slight cheesy, mascarpone flavour which makes it ideal for cheesecake recipes.

This is particularly good for adding to berry and tropical fruit flavours as it is sweet enough to blend well but doesn’t make them sugary and syrupy.  Mix with Golden Pineapple and Blueberry for a rich and refreshing e-liquid.

Mix at 5-8% for the best results.

It has a very faint throat hit.

Try it in our easy-to-make recipe Coconut Cream, or for a cheesecake mix, try Blueberry and Vanilla Cream.


Vienna Cream FA –

This is a very light flavour.  It is smooth and sweet with notes of vanilla and hints of egg and butter.  It’s like drinking a glass of sweetened milk.

Because of its lightness, it is less of a base than other creams but it is perfect to accent other, richer ones and add that depth of flavour. It’s also great to use as a sweetener without adding body to your recipe like thick creams would.

It has no throat hit. It has a slight aftertaste.

Mix at 2-5%.

This works really well with light fruit flavours like Strawberry. If you want to try a simple recipe, have a go at making our Strawberry Beamer. Or, for a sweeter indulgence, try our Strawberry White Chocolate.

It works really well in our Rhubarberry Beret recipe as it is not too thick and heavy, but it sweetens the apple and rhubarb crumble flavour.

Featured Recipes:

If you want to try out these flavours, why not try one of our absolute favourite recipes below?

Mother’s Milk

This is sweet and indulgent.  Like strawberry cheesecake, it is rich and creamy.  You can’t go wrong.

10% Strawberry (ripe) – The Flavour Apprentice

3% Vanilla Custard – The Flavour Apprentice

5% New York Cheesecake – Capella

4% Sweet Cream – Capella

4% Bavarian Cream – Flavor West

Sweet Creams Are Made of This

For a delicious biscuit flavour vape, try this creamy cookie recipe.

1% Aniseed/Anise FA –

0.5% Biscotti – Flavorah

1.5% Butter Cream – Capella

1.5% Pistachio – Flavorah

4% Sugar Cookie – Capella

2% Sweet Cream – Capella

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