Mother`s Milk

Mother`s Milk

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10% Strawberry ripe by the Flavor Apprentice

3% Vanilla custard by the Flavor Apprentice

5% New York cheesecake by Capella

4% Sweet cream by Capella

4% Bavarian cream by Flavor West

The taste of a fresh homemade strawberry milkshake. Just like mother used to make.

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Chloe Mayley

Hi Shirilee,

Thank you for your message.

New York Cheesecake is used as a base flavour in this recipe, but you can substitute it with Inawera Biscuit.

I hope this helps!

Shirilee Johnson

I am interested in making this flavour but I don’t like New York cheese cake flavour, is their another flavour I can use in replacement.
Many thanks

James Pawley

Hi Paul. I would probably not advise upping the flavour percentages, as this is unlikely to make a positive difference. I would recommend adding a few drops of Vape Wizard or Flavour Toner/Enhancer to amplify the taste profile, especially if you are making a high VG mix.

paul larner

hi. I have just bought the mothers milk recipe and wanted a bit of advice. If i want a stronger flavour to this,what percentage flavouring would you recommend? Many thanks for your help.

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