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DIY Mixing Kit Instructions

DIY Mixing Kit Instructions

Experience a whole new level of DIY vaping with our Mixing Kit! Create custom blends of e-juices with exact PG/VG ratios, your favourite concentrates and mixing accessories - all in one easy-to-use package. Mixing has never been so easy, or so fun! So why wait? Craft your perfect vape juice today!

Your Bundle, Your choice 👍

Step 1: Choose your PG/VG mix. If you're unsure scroll down to the FAQ section.

Step 2: Just choose your 6 concentrates from specially curated range

Step 3: Choose your Mixing Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

Your first time mixing? Here's some useful information 👍

  What PG/VG mix should I buy?

  How do I figure out what mixing ratios to use??

  What should I know before I buy a DIY Mixing Kit?

XL DIY Mixing Kit



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This Bundle Includes;

- Your Choice of 6 Concentrates 

- Your Choice of PG and VG

- Your Choice of Accessories.

Your Bundle, Your Choice 👍