Tropic Thunda 60ml Longfill - Major Flavor



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You’ll get an invasion of flavour with this strong and sweet Longfill from Major Flavor! Fresh pineapple and dragon fruit forcefully combined with powerful peach.

This 60ml bottle contains 20ml of PG-based flavour concentrate. It contains no nicotine, allowing you to add your nicotine and/or booster shots to create a 60ml e-liquid at the nicotine strength of your choice.

If choosing a bundle, you will receive everything you need in your delivery. Simply add the booster shots and nicotine shots that you receive in your delivery to the long fill bottle, this will create your chosen finished liquid. Please shake well before use.

What is a longfill? 60ml longfill is an innovative way to enjoy your favourite E-Liquid. A flexible design allowing you to have even more control over your nicotine strengths and VG:PG ratios. Longfills contain 20ml of concentrated flavouring, making them the perfect choice if you want to enjoy more than 10ml of e-Liquid. Giving you the option of your desired nicotine strength and VG:PG ratio that’s suitable for both Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung vaping.

Do longfills contain nicotine? No, Longfills just contain 20ml of flavour concentrate.

What’s the difference between a longfill and shortfill? A longfill is a 60ml bottle containing 20ml of flavour concentrate supplied on its own. A shortfill is a 60ml or 120ml bottle containing 50ml or 100ml of 0mg e-liquid pre-mixed to 70VG:30PG or 50VG:50PG with space for a 10ml or 2x 10ml nicotine shots. A longfill is perfect for vapers that enjoy vaping anything above 3mg. A shortfill is the ideal choice for vapers that enjoy vaping low strength e-liquid of 3mg and below.

For more information on Longfills, and what you will receive in your bundle, click here.