Catapult - Vampire Vape Koncept - 100ml

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Catapult emerges as another powerhouse flavour from Vampire Vape, celebrated for its delectable and iconic character.

Now, with the expansion of the esteemed Koncept range, enthusiasts can indulge in Catapult with the introduction of a new 100ml shortfill option.

This tantalising blend of cherry, fresh blackcurrant, and aniseed delivers a fruity flavour profile with a refreshing aftertaste that's perfect for all-day vaping. Ideal for those who crave a deeply sweet hit complemented by a cool finish.

Crafted with a 70VG/30PG ratio, the Koncept range offers a 100ml blend housed in a 120ml bottle, providing ample space for personal nicotine preferences and ensuring a satisfying vaping experience.