Blueberry Custard - The Custard Company - Concentrate - 30ml

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Experience a harmonious blend of ripe Blueberries and rich Custard with Blueberry Custard by The Custard Company.

Dive into a world where plump, juicy Blueberries are meticulously blended into velvety Custard, striking the perfect balance between sweetness and creaminess.

Each inhale is a journey through layers of flavour, where the tartness of ripe Blueberries intertwines seamlessly with the smoothness of the signature Custard.

Indulge in the luxurious sensation of every puff as you immerse yourself in the decadent allure of Blueberry Custard.

Elevate your vaping experience with this exceptional blend from The Custard Company, where every moment is infused with delicious satisfaction.


Recommended Strength: 15-20%