How to Mix E-Liquid - Video Guide

How to Mix E-Liquid - Video Guide

James Pawley

How to Make E-Liquid

You can make your own e-liquid from a few simple ingredients. It's easy to do and only takes a few minutes, here's how!

First, you'll need a recipe, there's hundreds available here.

Decide how much liquid you'd like to make, the nicotine strength if applicable and input the details of your recipe into our E-Liquid Calculator.

In this video I'll be making 120ml of liquid with a 70%VG, 30% PG base ratio. I'll be using a recipe called Sour Green Apple

Before I begin, I'll need some equipment. 

What you will need: 

  • VG and PG
  • Flavour Concentrates
  • Accessories 
  • Pipettes 
  • Syringes 
  • Bottles 
  • Measuring Cylinder 
  • Mixing Cup 
  • Labels 
  • Gloves 

All of the accessories used in this video, as well as much more are available here

First, I'll add PG to my mixing cup. The calculator tells me to add 22.8ml, so here I am using a syringe to measure the liquid and transfer it to my mixing beaker. 

Next, I'll add VG in accordance to the recipe. In this case 84ml. 

Next, I'll use a smaller 1ml syringe to measure each flavour concentrate. 

The first flavour is Sour - Flavor West, of which I need 2.4ml. 

The second flavour is Cotton Candy - The Flavor Apprentice at 2.4ml. 

Finally, I'll measure 8.4ml of Green Apple - The Flavour Concentrate Company

So now, I have a total of 120ml of liquid in my mixing cup.

It's time to transfer this into a suitable sized bottle. 




Lastly, you need to allow your mix to steep. For this mix, it's recommended to leave it to steep for at least a week, but see your recipe for details. 

Once steeped, your liquid is ready to vape. 

For more information on using the calculator, base liquid percentages and ratios, nicotine strengths, as well as information on what each ingredient used is, and how to steep, please watch our other videos.