Very Vanilla Custard

Very Vanilla Custard

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1% Ethyl Maltol by the Flavor Apprentice

2% French vanilla creme by the Flavor Apprentice

1% Sweetener by the Flavor Apprentice

3% Vanilla bean Gelato by the Flavor Apprentice

3% French vanilla by Capella

1% Sweet cream by Capella

6% Vanilla custard V1 by Capella

Great vape recipe for vanilla lovers.

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Hi Hussam,

Thank you for your message and your recommendation.

I am sorry to hear that the recipe was unpleasant when adding 6% Vanilla Custard V1 – Capella.

I hope that you had a more pleasant experience when adding 3%.

Do let us know if you have any other concerns or questions by contacting us via telephone or email.

01707 566 056

Best wishes,


Hussam El-khawaga

I tried this recipe several time.
I would recommend to Take the capella custard down to 3.
With 6% is very eggy and oily.

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