Kiwi and Melon Mix

Kiwi and Melon Mix

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2% honeydew by Flavorah

1% kiwi by Flavour Apprentice (FA)

0.35% Melon rind Flavorah

This simple E Liquid Flavour recipe features a unique Kiwi and Melon flavour, an innovative blend of concentrates sure to satisfy any palate. Enjoy the natural sweetness and complexity of these two flavours in each and every vape. 


Comments (3)

Joachim Daniel

Could probably do with more kiwi

Make My Vape

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for letting us know this. The percentages should now be displaying.

Let us know if you have any further issues.

Many thanks,

Make My Vape

Daniel Davies

The name might say it all, but the recipe does not sadly, any chance of the percentages?

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