Boston Cream Cake

Boston Cream Cake
A sweet, light and creamy mixture, perfect for those with a sweet tooth.
Ingredients needed
Recommended Steeping Time: 5 days
  • 3% Boston Cream Pie V2 - Capella Flavors
  • 1.5% Bavarian Cream - The Flavor Apprentice (TFA / TPA)
  • 1.5% Cake Yellow - Flavor West
  • 2% Whipped Cream - The Flavor Apprentice
  • 0.5% Butter Cream - Capella Flavors
  • 1% Super Sweet - Capella
  • 2% Vanilla Pudding 15ml - Flavorah (Out of Stock)
  • 4% Zeppola (Doughnut/Italian Pastry) FA -

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