TPD - How it will affect DIY e-liquid mixing.

TPD - How it will affect DIY e-liquid mixing.

James Pawley

TPD: What changes on 20th May 2017?

The final phase of changes brought about by the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) come in to force on 20th May 2017.  How will it affect you?  Find out here.


E-liquid customers

Will I still be able to buy my favorite e-liquid?

Yes – if they have been tested and notified as required by the law.  A list of submitted products can be viewed here.

But I can only buy 10ml at a time?

All liquids that contain nicotine can only be sold in bottles of 10ml or less.  However, as long as multipacks are declared in the notification, packs of more than one 10ml bottle can be sold.

Can I still get the nicotine strength I am using now?

E-liquids cannot now be stronger than 20mg.  For most customers this will not mean any change, but for those who have been buying liquid at a strength above 20mg, the product will no longer be available.

Are prices going up?

As far as we can tell at the moment, many manufacturers are aiming to keep their prices per ml in line with current prices.  However, increased manufacturing costs combined with the costs of becoming compliant may mean some price increases.


E-cigarette customers

What changes are there to devices available?

Again, only tested and notified devices will be on sale after May 20th 2017.  The biggest change is the restriction of tank size to 2ml, which may mean refilling your tank more often.

OK, but what about my current device?  Can I still buy replacement parts?

The compatibility of new products with existing devices will vary according to manufacturer.  In many cases, new compliant tanks will be available which are compatible with your current mod (or ‘battery’).  The best thing to do is speak to your vaping retailer to ask them what the options are.


DIY customers

Can I still make my own e-liquid?

The biggest change is around nicotine.  DIY nicotine is also restricted to no stronger than 20mg in bottles no bigger than 10ml.  In practical terms, mixing liquid up to 12mg will be straightforward, but it will be difficult to mix flavored e-liquid which is any stronger than that.

Will this mean I can’t make as much at once?

No – you will be able to buy multipack boxes of 10ml nicotine bottles, and other ingredients will be available as they are at the moment.

Can I still buy flavour concentrates and PG and VG bases in bigger bottles?

Yes.  As they do not contain nicotine they are not affected by this law.

Are prices going up?

Again, it is nicotine that is affected.  The move to small bottles of lower strength nicotine will have an effect on price, although DIY will still represent a considerably more affordable option.  The cost of making 6mg strength liquid, for example, is likely to be around 11 pence per 10ml more than it is now.

How do I work out how much nicotine to put in?

We will be selling 10ml nicotine shots at 18mg strength.  You will still be able to use our e-liquid calculator in the same way as before, and using 18mg nicotine makes the calculations fairly simple if you are making 3mg or 6mg liquid (see image below).


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