Top 5 tips for making the best vape juice.

Top 5 tips for making the best vape juice.

James Pawley

Making e-liquid is essentially a simple process, but there are things that can go wrong.  Make sure you get the best results every time with our 5 top mixing tips.

  1. Avoid cross-contamination

Flavour concentrates are very strong, and a small amount ending up where it shouldn’t can affect the taste profile of your juice.  This is the simplest change you can make to your mixing to improve the quality of the juices you create:

Wash your syringes after using them, with warm water and washing up liquid, and copiously rinse with clean water. 

Do the same for any containers you are using to hold base liquids or flavour concentrates.

Wipe up any spilled liquids immediately – it is all to easy for things to end up where they shouldn’t if your mixing area is messy.

  1. Keep a record of your mixes

Invest in a log book.  Make sure you write down what you are putting in.  Label your bottles. There is nothing worse than getting to the perfect liquid after several alterations, and then not being able to make it again because you have forgotten what went in. 

  1. Don’t take precision lightly

Whether mixing by weight or volume, it is important to measure accurately if you want to be able to replicate your results.  Take your time and measure carefully – it will be worth it in the end.  Using the right syringe for the right measurement helps – use the smallest syringe you can for the amount you are trying to measure; this will help keep your measurements as accurate as possible.

  1. Steep your liquid

VG is slow to mix, and giving your liquids time will ensure the flavour profile is balanced.  Some flavours take longer than others, and some continue to improve for weeks after they are mixed.  Try them at intervals, and try to record in your log the time needed to get to the best result.

  1. Experiment

Mixing small amounts to test, and experimenting with flavour percentages and combinations is not just part of the fun – it will help you to mix liquids that are right for you.  Not everyone likes their juice the same, and the beauty of DIY is that you are free to create juice tailored to your own tastes.

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