Make My Vape - Our Top Festival Flavours

Our Top Festival Flavours

Alison Brown

Early summer brings with it festival season.

It gives you a chance to vape flavours you might not try otherwise.

No other vape flavour can get you in the party mood as quickly as your favourite shot.  Try Pope & Brewers Jaegerblast so you can taste the drink all day, even when you’re not at the bar.

What other taste can get you in the festival spirit better than a classic Apple Cider that is not too sweet?  Pair it with Sparkling Wine to give it an extra fizz.

If the summer sun is out and you want something refreshing to vape, we recommend Pep’s Cola which has a delicious and complex combination of flavours.  Reminiscent of root beer, it has hints of sweet herbs that make this flavour concentrate a brilliant standalone.

Let Pope & Brewers take you back to those glorious childhood summers with the classic taste of Cherryade.  It has the perfect energising fizz for those long summer days.

For those of you who want to celebrate the end of your festival in style, what better way than with a classy Champagne Strawberry flavour vape juice?


Love mixing your own e-juice?

Try making your own ‘festival’ flavour.  Find what you’re looking for on our recipe page or have a go at mixing our favourite cocktail, Another Tequila Sunrise.  It’s a fresh and fruity recipe that is deliciously sweet with a tart tang that makes it deliciously refreshing.

2.5% Blood Orange – Flavorah

0.4% Pomegranate – The Flavour Concentrate Company

0.8% Pomegranate FA –

0.8% Tequila Agave – Flavorah

1% Sweetness – Flavorah

Recommended steeping time: 5 days


Our recipe Tropical Rainbow is the perfect exotic fruit punch flavour to get you in the holiday mood as the summer sun (or Glastonbury rain) comes your way.

Citrus Punch II – The Flavour Apprentice

3.5% Key Lime – The Flavour Apprentice

2.5% Rainbow Candy – Flavor West

1.5% Dragon Fruit – Flavorah

1.5% Rainbow Sherbet – The Flavor Apprentice

Recommended steeping time: 5 days

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