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I'm new to vaping, where do I start?

Firstly, let us confirm what Vaping actually means - "Vaping" is the most common term used for the act of using an electronic device to produce the vapor that the user then inhales. If you have ever considered vaping then there are a few things that you will need to be able to vape. Use this guide to help provide the best vaping experience you have ever had.


Let us assume that you do not have any of the equipment or liquids as yet and this is your actual first step into the vaping world. First of all, you will need a starter kit which contains the electronic device and then the e-liquid for the flavoured vape. As a starter, you may wish to purchase a vape pen starter kit where there are few functions compared to the larger MODS where you have the ability to change the power settings and vapor hit, decide on what is best for you.


Once you have made your decision you will need some e-liquid to vape. There are a few options available for beginners like short fill (pre-mixed e-liquid – just add nicotine) and readymade brands with nicotine already included. In most high street shops there will be a few options for VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol) mixes. The most common seems to be 70% VG and 30% PG, this mixture allows the user to have a nice smooth vape with decent sized vapour production. The other mix is 50% VG and 50% PG, this mixture is intended to be used in the less powerful starter kits and provides more of a throat hit. However, some online stockists offer a mixing kit which allows you to mix your e-liquid to your exact preferred strength and throat hit.


View our e-liquid mixing videos on the Make My Vape YouTube channel to get great ideas.


How do I know how much liquid to mix?

The e-liquid calculator on the Make my Vape website will tell you in seconds how to mix and is very easy to use.


Open the e-liquid calculator but before you start you will need to know the different flavours that you are wanting to mix, what your PG/VG ratio will be plus any nicotine you want to add. We suggest following one of our e-liquid recipe cards as a starter so that you can get used to the mixing procedure.


Firstly, use the PG/VG slider to set your preferred PG/VG ratio.

e-liquid calculator

Next, if you are going to be adding nicotine, enter the nicotine strength that you are using which we stock in both PG and VG base.

vape nicotine strength

Do you want to add any dilution to your mixture? Some people dilute with either water or alcohol to allow for an easier vape with less of a hit, however, most people do not dilute.


Now using your e-liquid recipe card select your flavour and set the percentage according to the card. Add a second flavour selecting the relevant flavour percentage, keep adding until all of your flavours have been added.

e liquid calculator results

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