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Stop smoking - start vaping: your experiences

Today is World No Smoking Day. To celebrate the escape from smoking that vaping has given so many, we would like to hear your stories. Did you smoke in the past? How long have you been vaping for? What difference has vaping made to your life?Simply reply below for your chance to win.

1 x £25 voucher; 5 x £5 vouchers, and 15% off all purchases for one day only!

We are offering the chance to win £50 of gift vouchers just for taking part. In addition, all orders placed today at will be entered into the draw. Do both for double the chance to win!To claim you 15% discount enter the code 'VAPENOTSMOKE' - the discount is available until midnight tonight.

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All submissions may be publicly posted by Make My Vape limited.  Entries close midnight GMT tonight (9th March 2016).  Winners will be chosen using the randomiser at  A full list of winners will be posted here.  Discount code valid until midnight tonight.  Vouchers can be redeemed against products on  They cannot be redeemed against postage.

10 Comment(s)

09/03/2016, 12:06:19 PM

I smoked for 18 years. It took me 4 attempts to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping. It was eventually being introduced to RDA's and DIY liquids about 3 months ago that made it happen. It's more like a hobby now than a habit and I can honest say I do not miss smoking at all. If you offered me a cigarette I would say 'no thanks, but would you like to try my set up?'Makemyvape has allowed me to be creative with my eliquid while still saving a huge amount of money vs pre manufacturered e liquid. I bought your starter kit and made a few basic recipes I found on line, now I'm making up my own recipes and tweeking them constantly in order to suit me! It's genius. So many times I had received e liquid and thought, I wish it tasted a bit more like this or a bit less like that and now it's possible.So thanks for breaking my horrible habit. I'm sure I'll be a customer of yours for a long time :)

09/03/2016, 02:19:03 PM

I was smoking for more than 20 years , last 10 years i used to smoke 2 pakets of heavy ones a day, 4 years ago i thought to vape the e-liqued but i didn't like it, the juice was leaking everytime but i didn't give up, but after one year i did, started smoke again i felt i can't breath, i upgreaded my mod & atomiser start vaping again was ordering my e-liqued from OZ, i did like it with my new mod, was smoking & vaping, 3 months ago i start looking for something new of vaping world & i watch MAKE MY VAPE video on youtube, i searched in your website and i said why not lets try it, i made my first order & started to mix my first juice and damn it's bloody amazing, never smoke one cigarette since i use MAKE MY VAPE productions, i can breath normaly again i can sleep without coughing again, simply MAKE MY VAPE changed my life to better i can not even smell the smoke of the cigarette and yeah i saved a lot of money and you guys saved my health as well, by the way i'm waiting for my new order should be arrive to malta tomorrow, Thank you MAKE MY VAPE, keep it up guys n'dolls you guys did a great job with your excellent job, Once again THANK YOU.

09/03/2016, 08:13:32 PM

Because thick fruity Vape clouds are better than cancerous carcinogenic tobacco smokeFor the first time in 15 years I'm now tobacco free, and thanks to MakeMyVape I don't have to pay through the nose for heavily branded and low quality expensive ejuices!! I can now make premium Ejuice at a wholesale price and a flavour and vg/pg blend that suits my needs! The vids on the website even teach you how to become a Ejuice gourmet chef!! What more could you want from an honest, local and reputable supplier??

15/03/2016, 04:53:21 PM

I was a smoker for 14 years, i switched to vaping in December and havnt touched a fag since best move ever. The cost saving alone are a huge benefit and makemyvape have made it even cheaper with the huge range of diy products that are also of good quality. I can no longer stand the smell nor taste of a real fag and it turns my stomach. The makemyvape team have shown excellent customer service and make dealing with them a breeze. I am trying to convert as many people as I can. Once againg thank tou makemyvape!

26/04/2016, 05:41:44 PM

Smoking is smelly, disgusting and expensive, vaping is tasty, cheap and awesome!!!

Nick kirton:
15/05/2016, 04:42:33 PM

Can't believe how much money I've wasted before I discovered make my vape's not just the savings it's how good the quality of the product is's also love how easy it is to create my own recipes...thank you so much ...

Phillip Scott:
04/06/2016, 07:52:22 PM

Not proud of it but started smoking at 13yrs old I'm now 34 and have been vaping a year now, found make my vape through a work mate and tried a 10ml of English toffee and was really impressed so ordered mine straight away came through the post in 2 days brilliant service and had a issue with no bottles coming with my xl pack emailed them had a reply within an hour and sure enough 2 days later my bottles were delivered will be getting another batch in next couple of weeks

Joe Wilkinson:
06/07/2016, 09:38:52 PM

My Story I’ve vowed to give up smoking ever since I became a father. It’s not easy, trust me, but it is most definitely possible. I’m almost there, actually.To be honest, i don’t think i could’ve ditched the fags without my trusty Vype Etank device. I’ve had it a while, but have only really started using it for the past month. I started with a tobacco flavour eliquid, at 1.2mg of nicotine and to be honest, it wasn’t great. It was too strong for me. And I wasn’t keen on the idea of smoking a tobacco flavoured product if i was trying to give up smoking. What would the point be in that? Wouldn’t it make me want the real thing again?I bit the bullet and spent some money on some flavoured eliquids. I tried to go along the lines of flavours that I knew I liked already, Chocolate being one of my first purchases.It was this that really drove my desire to give up smoking. I wasn’t tempted to turn back to the cancer sticks by the tobacco flavours anymore, because i wasn’t using them. I now don’t like the smell of tobacco smoke. I feel better in myself and, for the first time in a while, I wasn’t defined by the urge to light up.It’s been fantastic since. I wake up feeling better in myself, more driven in my professional life, less tired in the evenings, and I don’t have to go outside in the cold to get my fix.

10/08/2016, 05:24:00 PM

I was a smoker for 35 years. Tried to quit using NRT. Books. Hypnotherapy, the lot. All without permanent success. I asked a colleague who i noticed had been vaping for some time to spec me a system. I ordered the kit on line and it arrived the next day. He suggested trying flavours i like rather than tobacco. I started at 12 mg. Nicotine. But now with your assistance i am making my own super tasty flavours and this has come down to around 4-6mg. And NO MORE FAGS. The rest is history. Cheers.

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