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Big Rock by Malibu Vapes -55%

Big Rock by Malibu Vapes

Big Rock is an epic melding of tropical fruits, packing a fresh citric edge followed by a rich ..

£15.49 £7.00 Ex Tax: £5.83

Blueberry Slush by Cloud-E-Haze -60%

Blueberry Slush by Cloud-E-Haze

This delicious ‘slushie’ style liquid has a complex cast of berry tones supporting the blue..

£9.99 £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

Dragons Blood by Cloud-E-Haze -60%

Dragons Blood by Cloud-E-Haze

The recipe is a secret; the e-juice is a legend.  You won’t want to vape anything else..

£9.99 £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

E-Liquid Weighing Scale -53%

E-Liquid Weighing Scale

Make My Vape branded professional digital scale for DIY e-liquid mixing by weight. Ideal for mi..

£14.99 £6.99 Ex Tax: £5.83

El Matador by Malibu Vapes -55%

El Matador by Malibu Vapes

Lose yourself in a tropical sunset with this smooth creamy fruit vape.  Mango, Guava an..

£15.49 £7.00 Ex Tax: £5.83

Minted Fruits by Cloud-E-Haze -60%

Minted Fruits by Cloud-E-Haze

Straight from the Heisenberg school of e-liquid: black grape and berries with a cool mentho..

£9.99 £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

Pink Lemonade by Cloud-E-Haze -60%

Pink Lemonade by Cloud-E-Haze

A refreshing pink lemonade with a hint of berries.  A perfect mix of citrus hit and sweet..

£9.99 £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

Pirates Cove by Malibu Vapes -55%

Pirates Cove by Malibu Vapes

Like the ultimate summer snack, Pirates Cove carries you out on a wave of..

£15.49 £7.00 Ex Tax: £5.83

Point Dume by Malibu Vapes -55%

Point Dume by Malibu Vapes

A candy based flavour, but with a solid, refreshing citrus kick.  Grapefruit and Rhubarb ..

£15.49 £7.00 Ex Tax: £5.83

Strawberry Milkshake by Cloud-E-Haze -60%

Strawberry Milkshake by Cloud-E-Haze

An American Diner – style strawberry milkshake…so smooth and easy to vape, but with a rich ..

£9.99 £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

Sweet Ice by Cloud-E-Haze -60%

Sweet Ice by Cloud-E-Haze

The Polar Mint of Vaping, this sweet icy juice is the perfect on-the-go all day vape..

£9.99 £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

The Captain by Bearskin -60%

The Captain by Bearskin

The Captain is a straightforward classic.  If you like strawberry and banana, you wo..

£9.99 £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

The Colonel by Bearskin -60%

The Colonel by Bearskin

A truly unique flavour combination – The Colonel leads with apple and grape flavours, built o..

£9.99 £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

The General by Bearskin -60%

The General by Bearskin

The General is the supremo of all day vapes.  A delicious peach-led inhale, the creamy swe..

£9.99 £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

The Lieutenant by Bearskin -60%

The Lieutenant by Bearskin

 A complex berry combination sits on a light creamy yoghurt base.  A complex combi..

£9.99 £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

The Major by Bearskin -60%

The Major by Bearskin

The Major is an indulgent treat.  A rich vanilla custard, with a creamy peppermint overto..

£9.99 £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

The Sergeant by Bearskin -60%

The Sergeant by Bearskin

We set out to create the best and purest strawberry e-liquid, with a finely honed balance of ..

£9.99 £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

Topanga by Malibu Vapes -55%

Topanga by Malibu Vapes

Topanga brings the taste of cocktails on the beach to wherever you are.  Pina colada..

£15.49 £7.00 Ex Tax: £5.83

Watermelon Crush by Cloud-E-Haze -60%

Watermelon Crush by Cloud-E-Haze

A cloud of cool refreshment, watermelon is cut with citrus fruits to provide a stunning all ..

£9.99 £4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

Zuma by Malibu Vapes -55%

Zuma by Malibu Vapes

Like a fresh smoothie to kick off your day, Zuma is a sweet mango treat, with a mouthwateri..

£15.49 £7.00 Ex Tax: £5.83