Providing the necessities for vapers. All vapers that are into building need cotton, and Wick ‘n’ Vape are maybe the best brand out there for it. In the beginning they experimented a lot with different forms for wicking. They tried boiling cotton balls and medical cotton batting, although these were not what they wanted to go for, they had traits of which they wanted to keep. This led onto more experimenting. Japanese cotton and rayon fibre quickly came onto the market. Rayon fibre is a manmade fibre, created from wood using chemicals and enzymes. Japanese cotton is more natural; however, it can have traces of pesticides and perfumes, due to it mainly being used in the beauty industry. Wick ‘n’ Vape set a goal of creating 100% organic cotton that is safe, pure, durable and provides you with the cleanest flavour possible.
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