Top Tips For Vaping At Festivals 2019

Top Tips For Vaping At Festivals 2019

There is a huge range of festivals going on around the UK this year.

While we can’t help you decide whether to take your wellies or your flip flops, we can give you some top tips about what vape gear you’ll need in order to get the most out of your festival and your vaporiser.

Top tip 1: take a smaller, cheaper device

They are much more portable and you can just slip them into your pocket.  It stays easily accessible and you don’t have to carry a bag if you don’t want to.

Of course, it’s always upsetting if you lose your e-cigarette but you’re much less likely to cry if it was just a cheap device.

Your brilliant RDA may be the bee’s knees but it’s not likely to withstand the knocks and general hard use of a festival atmosphere (it’s heart-breaking when your e-cig falls foul of a mosh-pit).  A small device can be kept out of the way and, again, if it’s damaged, it’s not going to cost a fortune to replace it.

These are some of the best ones to take with you when you go away to a festival in 2019:

MyBlu Pod

  • The battery lasts all day and can be plugged into a portable battery pack to charge.  
  • The liquid pods are easy to change so you don’t have to fuss around with bottles of e-liquid.
  • The liquid pods don’t spill so your festival gear is safe from them.
  • It’s draw-activated so you don’t need to worry about it turning on in your pocket.
  • With its MTL draw and limited vapour production, this is a discreet e-cigarette.  You can vape any time with this and not disturb anyone with your cloud.

PockeX by Aspire

  • The PockeX is light and compact, so perfect for vaping when you’re on the go.
  • It can be charged by a portable battery pack so you won’t run out of charge.
  • It’s got one button and is easy to work, which means you can concentrate on what’s going on around you rather than what you’re vaping.
  • Although this is small, it is compatible with sub-ohm coils so you can use this portable device and still get impressive vapour production.
  • Take your favourite e-liquid and refill this easily.  Just unscrew the top, fill it up and screw it back in again.

Innovator Kit by Tesla

  • This is compatible with nic shots and nic salts so you can choose your e-liquid.
  • It’s shorter than previous Tesla designs, making it highly portable and discreet.
  • The built-in battery with long life means it’ll keep you vaping all day.
  • Quick charge so you don’t have to wait.  It can be charged by a portable battery pack so you can do it on the go.
  • The leak-proof design and easy-refill means you can top up your e-liquid with no fuss and no mess.
  • Adjust the airflow according to where you are – blow huge clouds when you want and minimise vapour when you’re in large crowds.

Top tip 2: remember your charger

Whatever device you use, you want to make sure it works for the whole time you’re away.

Remember to take your charging cable and a portable charger.  That way, you should stay fully topped-up for the whole time.

If you’re using a device with removable batteries, remember to take spares (and be sure to keep them in a battery-box so they’re safe).  If you normally get through one battery a day, take one for each day plus a spare for emergencies.

Check out our range of battery chargers here.

Top tip 3: replace your coil before you go

Rather than find your coil has come to the end of its life while you’re in a field in the middle of nowhere, change it before you go so you have a fresh coil that is likely to last the whole duration.

If you’re definitely going to need to replace your coil, either remember to take a spare around with you (or you’ll have to trudge all the way back to the tent) or pre-empt it and change it in the morning, before you set out.

We recommend taking an extra one with you, just in case anything goes wrong or you get through them faster than you anticipated.  Coils don’t take up much room so you can squeeze a couple into your festival bag.

Check out our range of coils here.

Top tip 4: plan how much vape juice you’ll need

How long you’re going for will affect how much e-juice you need to take with you.

How heavily you vape will also affect how much spare e-juice you need.  

Try to get an idea of how much e-liquid you vape in a day normally (and you might need to adjust that to ‘how much do you vape when you’re out socialising with your friends normally?’) so you can make a good estimate of how much you’ll get through when you’re away.

We tend to recommend taking just a little extra in case of accidents or spills.

Top tip 5: take a spare tank

Nobody ever plans to break their vaping device but it can happen.

When you’re at a festival, there are people everywhere and crowds can bash against you and crack your tank if you’re keeping it in your pocket or your bag.  We hope it’s not too common but it’s best to be prepared.

Take a spare tank with you.  That way, if the worst happens, you’ll be able to replace it and still be able to vape all weekend.

Top tip 6: be considerate in crowds

Not everyone understands what vaping is.  Even if they do, they might not like having huge clouds blown in their direction, no matter how great they smell.

Especially when you’re watching a stage, be considerate about where and when you vape.  Try not to block anyone’s view with your cloud.

Enjoy your vape while you’re away!