Trick or Treat Halloween Flavours 2019

Trick or Treat Halloween Flavours 2019

This Halloween, we’re offering you the chance to go trick or treating again by choosing a flavour concentrate to get you in the Halloween spirit.

There are ‘trick’ flavours and ‘treat’ flavours, but which will you like best?

‘Trick’ flavour concentrates

We’re not going to trick you into trying these unusual flavours.  But what if you take a chance and find a flavour you love? Just because it sounds scary, doesn’t mean it is…

Cactus by Inawera

This is an authentic taste of cactus.  It’s a fruity taste that’s naturally sweet without being too syrupy.  It’s got the same freshness as ripe pear or green grape. Prickly Cactus is perfect for Halloween, where the most dangerous-looking exteriors contain the sweetest things.  Try it in our recipe Dessert Dude for a cool, fresh and tropical taste.

Aniseed Black Jack by Pope & Brewer’s Gourmet Flavours

A tasty aniseed flavour that has the sweetness of liquorice sweets.  It’s a perfect standalone flavour to give you what you need this Halloween.  Try mixing our delicious Cherry Tunes recipe that enhances the cool liquorice taste with rich cherry flavours.

Black Licorice by Flavor West

An authentic licorice flavour that’s sweet and bitter.  You don’t need to add any other flavour for this to be perfect.  Mix the amazing Vaping Angel recipe for Halloween – it’s a bold blend of licorice, black currant and red berry flavours, with a chilling coolness…

Sour by Flavor West

Get that ‘sour candy’ effect with this flavour concentrate.  You can add it to any mix you like and it’s extremely versatile.  Treat yourself to an energetic fruit vape with our Fields of Home mix.

Unicorn Vomit by Flavor West

As sweet as you expect as just as delicious!  Unicorn Vomit is a blend of fruit flavours that’s unlike any other.  Try mixing it with Cactus for a truly magical, fresh and light flavour.

‘Treat’ flavour concentrates

Don’t you deserve a treat?  These are some of the best flavours to give you that indulgent feeling, so go ahead and choose your favourite.

Sweet Strawberry by Capella

Get the treat you deserve with this candy-style strawberry flavour.  Make your own Bruised Berry Bomb mix and indulge in the taste of strawberry, blueberry, cream and a hint of licorice.

Rainbow Candy by Flavor West

This is the taste of a handful of skittles.  It’s a fruity and sweet mix that’s great as a standalone.  If you want to try one of our best recipes, mix Tropical Rainbow for the perfect blend of sweet and tart tropical fruit flavours.

Candy Floss by Pope & Brewer’s Gourmet Flavours

Just like you get at the fair, this Candy Floss flavour is light and sweet (and it doesn’t make so much mess).  It’s the perfect standalone flavour and it’ll completely satisfy your sweet tooth. If you want to add a little extra flavour, try pairing it with Raspberry.

Blood Orange by Flavorah

Perfect for Halloween, this spooky-looking orange flavour is sweet and syrupy.  It doesn’t have any of the tartness of other orange flavours, only a delicious candied taste.  If you want to celebrate Halloween in style, why not make Another Tequila Sunrise?

Black Currant Jelly Bean by Pope & Brewer’s Gourmet Flavours

Dark and rich, this is perfect for that long Halloween night.  The sweet, Jelly Bean flavour means you can vape it all day and still want more.  Try mixing it with Lemonade for a bit of sparkle.