All Day Vape for Halloween 2019

All Day Vape for Halloween 2019

With the evenings drawing in and the leaves starting to change colour on the trees, it’s pretty clear that autumn is here.

I love this time of year.

There’s so much to look forward to: Halloween and Bonfire Night play a big part in my calendar.

I always choose a special vape juice for the occasion.  This year, I tested out a few to see which one I wanted to stick with as Halloween approaches and I landed on Sour Green Apple.

It’s such a simple recipe to make but it’s so effective.  As someone who would usually choose sweet flavours, every now and again I like to have something a bit different.  Sour Green Apple is just what I need to get me into the spooky spirit of Halloween.

The Recipe: Sour Green Apple

7% Green Apple – The Flavour Concentrate Company

2% Sour – Flavor West

2% Cotton Candy – The Flavor Apprentice

Recommended steeping time: 7 days

Get the details of the Sour Green Apple recipe here.

The Mix

Because I’m using a relatively big device, I made this with a 70%VG/30%PG base.

I’m vaping 3mg nicotine strength.  My nicotine was a 70/30 base, too.

To make 50ml, I used:

  • 2.8ml PG (2.8g)
  • 11.67ml VG (14.70g)
  • 3.33ml nicotine (3.94g)
  • 1.4ml Green Apple (1.4g)
  • 0.4ml Sour (0.4g)
  • 0.4ml Cotton Candy (0.4g)

Go to our E-Liquid Calculator to get the right measurements to make this the perfect vape juice for you.  You can adjust your PG/VG ratio if you don’t like as much cloud as I do.

The vape

I was worried, at first, that this would be too sour for me.  Green Apple flavour is natural-tasting so it doesn’t have too much sweetness, and I wondered whether the Sour would make it too tart for me.  I needn’t have worried. It is tart but not unbearably so – the sweetness of the Candy Floss gives it that great in-between taste, just like sour sweets.

I gave it the full recommended steeping time as I generally believe that these things can’t be rushed.  I did shake the bottle every day, though, to give it a bit of help to mix.

The result was my all-day-vape for October.  The green apple taste reminds me of Halloween games and the sourness makes me think of Halloween sweets.  It’s got me in the mood for a party, that’s for sure.

Share your all-day-vape for Halloween

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