Very Berry
Fruity and tangy vape that reminds you of summer time berries.

  • 2% Black Cherry- TFA
  • 2% Blueberry- TFA
  • 2% Raspberry - TFA
  • 2% Strawberry (ripe) -TFA
  • 4% Sweet Cream- CAP
  • 6% Bavarian Cream- FW

Recommended Steeping Time
5 Days

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Kristian Asprey:
22/04/2016, 01:59:14 PM

A very nice all day vape that is fruity but also has a nice cream taste to it. I make it at 70 vg 30 pg at 3% nicotine. Only problem is I can't get enough of it I just love the taste.

05/06/2016, 04:59:23 AM

Using the flavour percentages how much liquid will this make.

Make My Vape:
07/06/2016, 01:33:59 PM

SteveAll depends how much liquid would you like to make.

12/06/2016, 09:45:39 AM

do you have to diluting when making your own ejuice sorry if this is a stupid question but i'm new to all of this thanks..

Make My Vape:
13/06/2016, 03:58:04 PM

David, Your question is not stupid at all. Some people do use deionised water to dilute the e juice but is not something we recommend when mixing.

11/07/2016, 09:00:57 AM

Hello every one maybe some one have or can tell me the Caribbean twist recipe? or ingredients? Long time i smoke this flavor and now i want to make it my self.

Make My Vape:
15/07/2016, 10:59:04 AM

Hi ErnestasWe do have an unnamed Caribbean like recipe that we will be uploading onto our recipe page soon. The flavours include:8% Peachy Mix TFCC 5% Pineapple TFA 2% Mango Alfonso TFCC 1% Ethyl Maltol FWLeave to steep for 4-5 days.Thank you Jamie

12/07/2016, 08:09:29 PM

I mixed this at 3mg, 70:30. Tried after a 2 week steep. It is a very nice fruity vape with a cream finish. Reminds me a little of Squid Ink by Kraken which I used to love. Well worth a try.

03/08/2016, 04:33:04 PM

the 500 ml kits do i have to buy nicotine for it or is it premixed, if not what size bottle nicotine would i need for the 500ml kits, i am new to making my own so be 1st time also i like a description of the mixing accessories that come with the kit a better photo of them

03/08/2016, 04:35:49 PM

also i plan to make single flavours juice what would you recomend to start of with, also a tobbacco flavour

04/08/2016, 03:40:59 PM

Hi Harry,Our XL DIY E-liquid mixing kit include: 1 x 500ml - PG or VG 1 x 500ml - PG or VG 6 x 10ml - Flavour Concentrates 1 x Large - Mixing Accessory Kit Nicotine is not include in our kits, but you can add nicotine to your order. We have nicotine in a bottles of 100 ml and 50 ml, in two different strengths - 50 mg and 72 mg, and in VG or PG bases. I would suggest to start mixing smaller batches like 10 or 20 ml and maybe adding different flavour concentrates to try what you like. Have a look at our video guides on blog and YouTube, E-liquid recipes and E-liquid calculator. If you will have any questions, just give us a call!

07/10/2016, 06:48:13 AM

My wife loves this, says it tastes like love heart sweets!

08/10/2016, 09:14:51 PM

Hi Has anyone got a recipe for Cornish ice cream

14/10/2016, 12:13:48 AM

Loving the very berry very smooth and creamy

08/11/2016, 06:01:30 PM

Hi. I want to make this recipe but I'm confused by the fact that it says black cherry twice ?

James Pawley:
16/11/2016, 04:48:36 PM

Daniel, Thanks for pointing that out. It looks like a mistake in the site migration. The second one should be Raspberry TFA. I have now updated it. Thanks, James.

Kevin merriman:
12/12/2016, 02:01:34 AM

Lovely ... I've made a 50/50 mix with 12mg nicotine... it's awesome

27/01/2017, 12:32:44 AM

hi, I want to make 100 ml 30pg/70vg.Is it still just 18% flavour?

Make My Vape:
27/01/2017, 09:49:57 AM

Yes. It will always be 18%, but obviously the ml amount you have to add will change depend on amount of e-liquid you want to make.

19/02/2017, 10:47:26 AM

Hi, I want to make a blackcurrant ejiuce but cant find a recipe for it. Can you recommend a percentage of flavour please?

Make My Vape:
07/03/2017, 10:12:32 AM

Try it at 10% for single flavour mix, or add a bit of Peppermint or Extreme Ice.

Doug Evans:
03/03/2017, 05:46:02 PM

I am new to this, I vape black monk witch is blueberry menthol and 6mm nicotine, do you have a recipe for this?.

Make My Vape:
07/03/2017, 10:10:22 AM

Hi, we don't have exact copycat of black monk you've mentioned, but I would recommend at least 6% of our Blackcurrant by TFA, 3% of MEnthol Cool by TFCC and 2% of Aniseed Black Jack by P&B. Let it steep for a few weeks. If you found it to weak, try to increase the amount of Blackcurrant concentrate.

06/05/2017, 10:45:11 PM

Hi, I like the look of this, but am not too keen on the creamy flavours, if I wanted this without the cream flavours, would I need to increase the percentages for any of the other flavours?

Make My Vape:
08/05/2017, 05:27:02 PM

Hi!Not necessary. Try it just without cream :)

27/06/2017, 03:09:32 PM

Hi. Does anyone have a recipe for Sparkling Ice Orange or something close to it. I have just bought am xl starter kit from and I'm new to mixing my own ejuice. Any help would be appreciated.

07/08/2017, 04:30:37 AM

Hello ,,,Can use bavarian cream TFA thanBavarian Cream FWAny deferent in test!!!

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