TPD - How will it affect me?

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TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) - an update

We have been contacted recently by a number of customers concerned about the impact of the new EU legislation, known as TPD, which comes into force on May 20th this year.  I will try to address the most frequent concerns raised.  If you have any further questions, please post a comment below.

Will I still be able to buy products from Make My Vape?

Yes.  Although the law comes into force this May, there is a 12 month grace period for vendors to sell items currently stocked.  This means that all of our products will be available as normal until at least May 2017.

What happens after that?

As we understand the draft legislation, the only component of DIY e-liquid which will be affected will be liquid nicotine. Every other product should not be affected by this legislation?

So will I be able to make e-liquid with nicotine after May 2017?

Yes. It will still be possible to purchase nicotine, although the quantities in which you can do so may be restricted. However, no official guidance has yet been given as to how this will apply to our product, so at this stage we must wait for clarification. As soon as we know what the situation will be, we will let you know.

What does the future hold for DIY mixing?

Our understanding is that we will continue to supply e-liquid mixing supplies, including nicotine, beyond May 2017. We are committed to working with the relevant bodies to ensure that we can, within the new law, continue to offer our customers top quality ingredients to make e-liquid.      

26 Comment(s)

18/02/2016, 02:40:21 PM

This is too bad , hope everything gonna be ok soon, idk what i gonna do without vape???

Make My Vape:
18/02/2016, 04:10:11 PM

Antonio, Hopefully it won't come to that, but we are keeping a close eye on the situation as it develops. I would suggest that writing to your MP - the more people do the more they will begin to realize that they are not acting according to the wishes of their constituents.

Ronny Graham:
23/03/2016, 04:23:46 PM

i do not think a 'wait and see' attitude will save the day for Make My Vape in regard to the TPD. Is it not the case that you will be told you cannot sell nicotine in concentrates stronger than 20 mg? How can somebody mix there own e-liquid at say, 18mg strength if you cannot sell nicotine concentrate stronger than 20 mg?

Make My Vape:
31/03/2016, 05:07:33 PM

Ronny,Thanks for your comment. I understand the force of your point, and am extremely frustrated that there is not yet a definitive answer I can give on this. Firstly, we are in dialogue with the relevant public agencies about the impact of TPD, but have not yet received clarification as to whether or not liquid nicotine will be covered by the legislation. Secondly, as soon as the position is clear, we will find a working solution within the new regulations. We will make this information available as soon as we have it.James MakeMyVape

13/04/2016, 09:13:58 AM

Best way will be to sell ready mixed 20mg nicotine (say 50/50 or 60/40 etc unflavoured) Then you can simply mix in your own concentrated flavour. Only downside will be having me to purchase the unflavoured liquid in 10ml bottles!!

24/04/2016, 06:33:50 PM

I hear it's even worse than a 20mg limit, I'm hearing through my local vape shop that it's more likely to be 10mg. They told me they were likely to lose 400k pa due to the TPD.....shocking!

Simon Jones:
20/05/2016, 11:48:35 PM

I started making DIY mixes about 3 years ago, and began with a vaping concentration of 30mg of nicotine. I have been reducing it steadily but very very slowly and am now down to 1.5mg, Perhaps others may wish to consider doing the same.

21/05/2016, 01:48:00 PM

Another reason we should leave the EU, all vapours should vote for leaving. What gives them the right to class vaping products in with tobacco products.

Mr. Paul A Wood:
10/09/2016, 12:09:40 AM

That's exactly what we did here. 4 of uf voted out! We are hoping ones we get out we can change things a little.

Mr. Paul A Wood:
24/05/2016, 12:52:35 PM

Hi Everyone. I do hope no one minds if I post this link here. The link is for a petition. This petition is requesting the House of Lords to back Lord Callanan’s motion to stop harsh regulations on e-cigarettes. To date it has 41,267 supporters. It's important for all vapers to sign this petition. You And Best Regards. Paul.

405 Degrees:
23/08/2016, 09:16:39 PM

GUYS! I have the answer to this situation...The EU have obviously been paid by Big T to allow them to wipe out the small and successful e juice makers through attrition.Lets look at it from another angle, as Brits our upper lips are too stiff to really mobilise and fight the government directly - 54k supporters of the above petition against roughly 3m affected vapers - So lets fight them indirectly.What we CAN all do is BOYCOTT all companies associated with Big T, purchase our e juice at 0% from our normal supplier in whatever amount we like and add our own liquid nicotine (bought from China at max strength).If we can then pass on and explain the process to noobs in forums until the how is common knowledge, no one will spend money with Big T.Problem solved!Big T make nothing from us, we keep supporting the companies that helped us get away for the evils of Big T, the government / EU still get their kickback but Big T pay for nothing! :DI for one will continue to shun any and all companies affiliated with Big T, that's what it's really all about and there's more than one way to skin a cat!The thing I can see coming next is to charge duty on our nicotine, again, buying our nicotine from China and our 0% liquid from our regular supplier will circumnavigate that too! :D

Ronny Graham:
07/09/2016, 08:33:26 PM

so from May 2017 nic concentrate will not be available in UK - any recommended sites? thx

13/10/2016, 09:56:54 AM

What is the shelf life (if any) of nicotine in its current form? Is it possible to stock up before May '17?

13/10/2016, 11:08:39 AM

Hi,The best before date for our current batch of nicotine is till 09/2017. However, it is a shelf life. If you planning to stock up, I would advice to store your nicotine correctly, so it wont degrade. For example, by keeping your nicotine in a freezer, you might prolong its best before date. You can read more for example here And yes, stocking up before May'17 might be a good idea...

Paul benley:
14/10/2016, 09:27:44 PM

,ive stocked up on my nicotine ,i aint paying no extra tax duites ,like do hikes on each year bugger that one , Government is crying out looking for new taxes an ways of screwing tjat last penny out of us , They are being proped up by taxes from alcohol an tabacco, this is why they are allowing all these draconian laws , by unelected officials ,our government has blown all oir yax moneies , So this is why they allowing them to force these new tax laws an such on to us , theres only us who can stop it but most ,dont care enough to do anything the moan am groan that's it , ive stocked up on everything even bought a second freezer to store it all in , dont open up your nicotine yoyr storing just freeze it all unopended , as ling as its done properly ,it will be good for a few years or longer , an tnen decant into smaller 100ml amber glass bottles ,so you only ever have 1 bottle at a time out

20/02/2017, 09:24:16 PM

Hey, how dose tpd affect people selling 0mg nic homebrew on?

Make My Vape:
07/03/2017, 10:20:57 AM

Hi,Luckly, TPD wont affect 0 mg nicotine e-liquids or home brew. After May you will still be able to buy nicotine and nicotine contains e-liquids just in a smaller amounts like 10 ml bottles.

Blake Lowe:
21/03/2017, 04:45:13 PM

I've recently quit smoking and started vaping and done well at it then started mixing my own e liquid to 18mg if this ban comes in Iam really worried I won't be able to afford pre made liquid with my current circumstances why can't they just leave thing's alone.

Carl Town:
02/04/2017, 10:16:31 AM

I make my own e liquid will you be selling 18mg nicotine in 10ml bottles as I have seen 1 site selling nicotine shots 18mg in 10ml bottles witch is Tpd approved.

Make My Vape:
04/04/2017, 09:48:43 AM

Yes. After 20th of May, we will be selling 10ml bottles of 18mg strength nicotine.

Totally new:
05/04/2017, 02:04:25 PM

Hi. I am new to vaping. 3 weeks in and down from 6mg to 1mg nicotine already. I was a chain smoker except at work where I slowed down to 5 during work hours. 5 for breakfast and countless when I got home. I know we will lose freedom of speech on 20 May 17 where I will be disallowed even mentioning the benefits I had with my nicotine reduction and the speed of it because I became accustomised to a slower 'fix' that vape has. I somehow lost the sudden desperation I used to have for my next fag. I want to shout from the rooftops! This goes to show what the tobacco industry are sticking allsorts in our bakky. When distribution becomes limited next month how will more people experience what I have? We need advise not a goverment treating us like naughty children. More people than ever have quit because of vaping the stats are there£ why can't they see? Heidi

05/04/2017, 04:55:25 PM,

I opened a vape shop to help others get off tobacco and follow the journey that I have taken to become free from smoking. As the market has taken off and more and more us take to vaping I can only agree with the comments made here. BIG T is on its way to take over the community and cash in. I hope that my little shop manages to remain open after may 2017 but it could be a struggle. Already I have had to put my prices up a little but as I am a one man band I may be able to cope with it, especailly if we all boycot BIG T stores that will start to open up. Live long and vape

Anthony green:
11/04/2017, 03:36:46 PM

Hiya all well i make home brews to sell to friends and family. How does the tpd rules effect me as we all have 3mg nic in our juices. Does this mean i still cant put nicotine in the juice if im sending it to friends and family?

Make My Vape:
19/04/2017, 09:56:09 AM

Hi Anthony!You still will be able to make 3mg nicotine in your e-juice with 18mg strength nicotine. I am not sure if selling your products is a good idea, unless your products are approved by MHRA... There is nothing wrong with giving your home brews to your family and friends also 3mg nicotine is low enough and eligible to send by post.

Niall Bell:
07/06/2017, 01:40:57 PM

I was wondering about this also. Selling to friends and family home brews using all products from your site?

Emma-Jane Connelly:
15/04/2017, 10:30:33 AM

Is there any further update on how ordering nicotine from yourselves will be affected post May 20th of this year? I have searched through existing blogs and have not found any up to date info on this. Is it time to put in a bulk order??????

Make My Vape:
19/04/2017, 10:19:26 AM

Hi!Until 20th of May we are still selling 50 and 72 mg strength nicotine in 100 and 50 ml bottles. After that date we will be selling nicotine in 10ml bottles and in 18mg strength only. If you are planning to stock up it could be a good idea to look on our post here

16/04/2017, 03:55:58 PM

Hi I'm new to this law I wanted to know if anyone could help me what happens with the tanks and mods we already have I read that they are banning 2ml tanks.I myself have a tfv8 tank will I still be able to use it in public after 20th may 2017 thanks any information will be grateful

Make My Vape:
19/04/2017, 10:25:29 AM

Ryan,Yes you still will be able to use it :) After 20th of May you want be able to buy tanks bigger than 2ml.

10/05/2017, 05:41:56 PM

How will it effect buying itermizers for existing big tanks

20/04/2017, 07:51:01 PM

I buy one ltr of vg/pg 3mg nicotine pre-mix, my question is "will I still be able to buy this" ?

Make My Vape:
21/04/2017, 10:30:25 AM

Any nicotine containing product, after 20th of May, will only be available in 10ml bottles.

28/04/2017, 09:00:06 AM

I've reduced my nicotine level to zero Are the zero nicotine juices going to be capped at 10 ml?

Make My Vape:
05/05/2017, 05:27:58 PM

No. Only nicotine and nicotine containing products will be affected by new TPD regulations.

07/05/2017, 07:56:32 PM

Hi, I make and sell 50ml bottles for friends and family, will tdp mean that I have to now only use 10ml bottles? And with nicotine only being available in 18mg the amount needed will mean I have to make large amounts to put into 10ml bottles right?

10/05/2017, 05:37:39 PM

Anybody know if they will stop itomizers for existing large tanks

Make My Vape:
11/05/2017, 09:19:36 AM

Replaceable coils are not affected by TPD. You will be able to buy your coil as long as manufacturers are happy to produce them.

12/05/2017, 10:28:35 AM

Such a nice article thanks we liked it.

31/05/2017, 09:00:57 AM

Under the new tpd law can you buy 30ml or larger e liquid juice from Malaysia and have posted to your uk address still?

19/06/2017, 09:17:41 AM

What happens if you are ordering premixed pg/vg with 3mg nicotine from out of the UK? And big vapes such as tfv8?

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