5 things you have been doing wrong...

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...which are stopping you from making the switch from cigs to vaping!


1. Choosing the wrong nicotine level

The first step of making the transition and quitting cigarettes is behind you, you have decided to quit! The first, most important, is to choose the right strategy and to plan how you will quit. Choosing the right amount of nicotine in your e-liquid, when switching to vaping is crucial.

What level of nicotine shall I choose at the start? There are several common e-liquid nicotine strengths offered by manufacturers. 0mg nicotine, which is an option reserved for people who’ve already quit cigarettes, but still fighting oral fixations. The two lightest available strengths, 12mg and 6mg, are the levels suitable for ex-smokers wanting to gradually lower their nicotine level. The very popular 18mg and 24mg nicotine strengths are commonly offered for former smokers with a moderate addiction (one pack of cigarettes a day). Some e-liquid brands offer very strong, 36mg nicotine products for heavy former smokers with a strong addiction (about two packs a day).

If you’re interested in making your own e-juice, this article may come in handy - E-juice nicotine levels explained.


2. Getting bored of vaping the same Tobacco or Menthol flavours!


Try other flavours or mix your own! If you think of vaping only as a cigarettes substitution, Tobacco and Menthol seem to be the obvious choice. But why limit your taste buds and senses to only a few flavours? There are hundreds of flavour combinations available in different nicotine strengths! Treat yourself with some desserts or drink inspired e-liquids. It is also the best way to satisfy your cravings. Especially, when nicotine cravings can be mistaken for foods cravings. You can read more about weight gain when quitting here.


3. Mods or ‘eGo style’? Choose the device right for you.


One of the reasons for which you having trouble committing to e-cigarettes, could be the device you’re using. There are different types of devices like;

-              Mods – the most advanced and complex vaping devices

-              Ecigalike – the most basic devices that look like actual cigarettes

-              E-Cig - equipped with small tank for e-liquid and buttons

If you have started with a very complicated mechanical mod and you’re not quite sure how to apply the whole ohm law, there is a chance you might not get enough satisfaction from this experience. But don’t give up too easily! You can try a less complicated All-in-one Starter Kit or simply ask for advice from a more experienced vaper.


4. Find your ratio.


Finding the right ratio is equally as important as the right amount of nicotine in your vape. What you may really be craving for is that itch you were getting from smoking. It’s the throat hit you have probably heard of a lot. Finding the right balance between PG and VG is the key to a nice vape. Trying the different ratios is probably the best way to find your ideal amount of throat hit. You can still get your perfect throat hit even without nicotine.


5. Vape like you mean it. Not like a smoker.


Many smokers when first introduced to vaping do it all wrong! When vaping, try to make slower and deeper puffs for a more satisfactory feeling, instead of short, hard draws like from a cigarette. Relax, you just need a little practice to learn how to vape correctly.



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