How to not gain weight when you quit smoking?

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Vaping food flavoured e-liquids may help fight obesity in smokers trying to quit!



Research suggests that vaping could help prevent ex-smokers piling on the pounds, and how e-cigarettes may help to fight obesity – as reported  in The Guardian and Daily Mail.

Weight gain is one of the main concerns  among smokers trying to kick their bad habit. According to research conducted at University of Birmingham smokers can, on average, gain 5kg in the year after they quit cigarettes. Smoking can suppress hunger, whereas nicotine cravings can be mistaken for food cravings, which could be one of the reasons why smokers are in risk of putting on weight while trying to quit. The latest research shows that vaping can provide ex smokers with that satisfying feeling of fulfilling their cravings instead of smoking.

In addition, the act of filling your tank or mixing your e-liquids could help fight the impulse to smoke, by simply replacing it with a new , healthier way to keep your hands busy - “You are re-filling the e-liquids, you might be mixing your own liquids, you are trying different flavours, you are doing things with your hands that take up time which means maybe you are not reaching for the bowl of M&Ms,” – said Professor Linda Bauld from University of Stirling.

Researchers also suggest that a wide range of e-liquids flavours could potentially help to prevent snacking and fight food cravings which are the results of nicotine withdrawal. In fact, with DIY mixing you are able to recreate the flavour of your favourite cookies, cakes and desserts.

With obesity and smoking addiction becoming one of the world’s biggest health issues, scientists agree that, as The Guardian reports, even controversial methods like vaping are worth further investigating to tackle the problems. “We are not suggesting that we should promote e-cigarettes to people who haven’t smoked,” said Bauld. “But for people who are thinking about the best way to stop smoking and are concerned about weight gain, I think what we are suggesting is that e-cigarettes should certainly be considered.”  -  The Guardian.


Gaining weight as a result of quitting cigarettes, may be a potential reason to put smokers off. However, new studies suggest that vaping may provide the solution.


We would love to hear from you. If you have recently quit cigarettes, switched to vaping or you are still inbetween, share your story here. Comment below and tell us how you cope with weight gaining issue when trying to quit cigarettes. 


2 Comment(s)

Dean Jackson:
23/02/2017, 11:31:54 PM

im already a big lad but i dont want to get any bigger im not obese..but my vaping has stopped a 30 year fag habit its only been 9 day but im not craving a fag due to nicotine being present in my shop bought e liquids..iv just ordered a diy e liquid kit with no nicotine so time will tell..hope my willpower is enough to keep me off fags

Make My Vape:
06/03/2017, 05:10:34 PM

Hi Dean,Thanks for sharing your story! Strong will is probably the most important ingredients to success when quitting. Finger crossed! Wish you all the best and hope to hear more from you on how are you dealing with addiction :)

14/04/2017, 09:14:38 AM,

I gained weight after switching from smoking to vaping. But more important is that I feel much healthier.

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