E-Juice Nicotine Levels Explained

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We are often asked to explain how much nicotine liquid to put into e-juice to achieve a particular strength, and to explain what nicotine levels mean.  This article has been updated in January 2018 to reflect the availability of products given the limitations imposed by the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) which came into force in May 2017.

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What do nicotine levels mean? What is 3mg?

E-liquids are commonly marked as a number of mg, commonly 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg.  This tells you the nicotine strength of the liquid, expressed as number of mg (milligrams) of nicotine in each ml (millilitre) of liquid. 

So 3mg means 3mg per ml of liquid.  In a 10ml bottle there is a total of 3mg x 10ml = 30mg of nicotine in total. 

If the bottle is bigger, the total amount of nicotine is more, but the strength per ml of liquid is the same.

Sometimes this is expressed as a percentage, which tells you the percentage of the total that is nicotine.  So instead of 3mg, you will sometimes see 0.3%, or for 12mg, 1.2%. This tells you what percentage of the whole is nicotine.

How much nicotine do I need to put in to get the strength I want?

Nicotine is now not available to buy in the EU in bottles bigger than 10ml, or in a strength higher than 20mg.  “Nicotine shots” are most commonly sold at 18mg strength, because with most people aiming for 3, 6, or 12mg liquid, it makes the calculations easier, as we will see below.

If you are using 18mg nicotine, working out how to get the right strength e-liquid is fairly straightforward.

For 3mg liquid, add 1 part nicotine to 5 parts flavoured base.  So divide the volume of the nicotine free liquid you are adding to by 5, and add that much 18mg nicotine liquid.

  • To make 100ml of liquid 3mg strength, add 20ml of 18mg nicotine liquid.  You will then have 120ml of 3mg strength e-liquid.
  • To make 50ml of liquid 3mg strength, add 10ml of 18mg nicotine liquid.  You will then have 60ml of 3mg strength e-liquid.
  • To make 10ml of liquid 3mg strength, add 2ml of nicotine liquid.  You will then have 12ml of 3mg strength e-liquid.


For 6mg liquid, add 1 part nicotine to 2 parts flavoured base.

  • To make 80ml of liquid 6mg strength, add 40ml of 18mg nicotine liquid.  You will then have 120ml of 6mg strength e-liquid.
  • To make 40ml of liquid 6mg strength, add 20ml of 18mg nicotine liquid.  You will then have 60ml of 6mg strength e-liquid.
  • To make 8ml of liquid 6mg strength, add 2ml of nicotine liquid.  You will then have 12ml of 6mg strength e-liquid.


How much nicotine to make 3mg liquid
Amount of nicotine free base liquidAmount of 18mg nicotine liquid to addTotal amount of liquid at 3mg strength


How much nicotine to make 6mg liquid
Amount of nicotine free base liquidAmount of 18mg nicotine liquid to addTotal amount of liquid at 6mg strength



Shortfills are nicotine free e-liquid sold in a bottle that is “short-filled” to allow you enough space to add your own nicotine liquid.  Commonly, they are 50ml of liquid with enough space to add nicotine liquid which will make the final result 3mg.  The infographic below shows the amount to add in each case.  Please click image for full size version.


For other amounts, you can enter your initial amount of nicotine free liquid and your target nicotine strength in the calculator below, to discover how much 18mg nicotine to add.


43 Comment(s)

John Smith:
13/06/2016, 03:33:30 PM

Hi,Is 3MG the same as 0.3MG. I just want 0.3MG of nicotine in my liquids.Thanks

Make My Vape:
13/06/2016, 03:50:20 PM

John, 3mg is the same a 0.3%, but not the same as 0.3mg. 3mg means 3mg per ml, which means the nicotine is 0.3% of the total.

Sam White:
08/01/2018, 03:12:20 PM

No, 3mg does not equal 0.3mg3mg = 0.003g0.3mg = 0.0003g

Andy Dunn:
03/11/2016, 06:33:12 PM

If I want to make a 30ml bottle do I work it out for a 10ml bottle then just times it by 3 ?

Gil ferreira:
21/11/2016, 10:24:29 AM

Hi yes x3 but if you use the online calculator here on the website will be easy for you no way to mess it up

Chris Trimi:
13/11/2016, 10:16:26 PM

hi, mate can u explain what is the difference for nic(VG base) and nic(PG base) please ??thanks

Gil ferreira:
21/11/2016, 10:23:21 AM

Hi mate diference between vg and pg nicovine is that the pg nicotine is way easy to work has is not so tick and easy to suck with serinjes but if you go 100%vg then use vg base nicotine in final product vg or pg nicotine is the same is just the thickness of the Nicole that is diferent people often like vg base is easy to work

antonio grigorov:
08/02/2018, 12:39:20 PM

@Gil ferreiraMate i read your comment like 10 times and still cant figure out what you are trying to say

01/12/2016, 10:17:49 PM

so if I have 100ml of 72mg (7.2%) nicotine, I can make 3mg strenght 2400ml of liqiud>? Thanks :))

Make My Vape:
02/12/2016, 09:31:39 AM

Hi,Yes, you can use 72mg strength nicotine. To get correct calculations of how much you need to add, please use the e-calculator available on our website. Adjust sliders for correct ratio and flavours percentage, than enter the total amount of liquid you want to make and details of nicotine you have.

10/12/2016, 06:09:20 PM

Hi, can you tell me the difference between 50mg nicotine, 72mg Nicotine and 100mg Nicotine? They all come in different doses of 50ml-100ml but whats the difference between using each one if they are going to be diluted down to 3mg (0.3)? Thanks

Make My Vape:
12/12/2016, 05:01:07 PM

Hi,The 50 mg and 72 mg is a different strength of nicotine diluted in PG or VG base. So simply, 72 mg nicotine is the strongest we sell. You will use less of it, but for your 3 mg nicotine strength e-liquid, bottle of 50 mg nicotine strength will be ok.

10/01/2017, 07:47:05 PM

I'm on 4mg of nicotine in a 10mil bottle. Is this quite low nicotine.

Glenny deee:
12/01/2017, 07:10:03 PM

How much nicotine do I add to a litre of 50/50 ?? I'm using 3% nicotine

Make My Vape:
13/01/2017, 09:44:14 AM

Hi I wouldn't recommend to start making your e-liquid in such a large amount. Make smaller batches for example 50ml or 100ml. Use our E-liquid calculator to get exact numbers in ml for each liquid. On calculator you have to select the base of nicotine you're using, so PG or VG as this will affect your ratio. Then select your desired nicotine strength, so 3 mg.

Youdont needmyname:
10/02/2017, 04:59:17 PM, None

I have 12mg of nicotine for a 100ml of eliquid so how much nicotine is in 1 ml of ejuice?

05/03/2017, 07:22:33 AM

Do you still have to add pg when using a pg nicotine base?

Make My Vape:
06/03/2017, 05:04:21 PM

Hi Zoe! It's all depend on what ratio you want to achieved in your e-liquid. Is it a high VG, so cloudy vapour? Or you preferred 50/50 e-juice. Just remember that all of our flavour concentrates are based in PG.

Clive Bilham:
09/03/2017, 09:28:10 PM

Hi if i mix 2 10ml nic shots (72mg each) to 80ml of base what will the overall strength be ....thanks

Make My Vape:
10/03/2017, 09:53:35 AM

Hi,What is the nicotine strength, is it 72mg per each ml? What strength you would like to achieve in your e-juice? To help you calculate the amount of nicotine and flavourings, I would strongly recommend to check our e-liquid calculator page. You might find this article helpful http://makemyvape.co.uk/blog/how-to-use-our-e-liquid-calculator.

12/03/2017, 09:45:33 AM

Hi my son started using vapes. The bottle says 3mg. Is this completely safe or adfictive? Does it mean nicotine. The ingredients say uspvegetabe glycerine USP propylene glycol and natural and artificial flavours. Please advise. Thank you

Make My Vape:
13/03/2017, 05:24:11 PM

Hi Joanne,3 mg on the bottle simply mean the amount of nicotine in the e-liquid. 3 mg is the lowest available level of nicotine offered by most popular e-liquid brands. Nicotine itself isn't addictive. Many of well known health and pro health organizations recognized vaping as an healthier alternative to cigarettes and recommends e-cigarettes as an effective way to quit smoking. You can read more here http://annals.org/aim/article/2599869/nicotine-carcinogen-toxin-exposure-long-term-e-cigarette-nicotine-replacement or on our blog http://makemyvape.co.uk/blog/research-vaping-is-safer . The flavours used to produce the e-liquid are the same as those being used in food production. We would only recommend to use the UK made e-liquids and the best pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

21/05/2017, 12:40:35 AM

Nicotine does react with brain chemistry and result in pleasurable feelings that can become very difficult to give up. Habituation, dependency, and addiction are closely linked. It is so far found that physiological dependency for nicotine is far less of an issue than psychological dependency.

19/03/2017, 03:26:52 AM

Hi,In your calculator it tells me the amount of VG-PG and nicotine that i have to add,but my nicotine is in my VG.Why is it telling me to add the 3 of them? OR is it just stating the amount of nic that will be in my e juice?

Make My Vape:
20/03/2017, 05:26:37 PM

Hi,You can select PG or VG based nicotine in our e-calculator. Please remember also to select the right nicotine strength you have, so 72mg or 50mg. Select your desired strength, so how strong you would like your final product. For example 3 mg or 12 mg, etc.

angie stoker:
21/03/2017, 01:45:57 PM

Hi im using a shop bought mix with 18mg how do i copy this using my kit,its al so confusing for me any help would be appreciated.

Make My Vape:
21/03/2017, 03:31:22 PM

Hi,Try to google the name of your e-liquid and add copy or diy recipe :) If not, try to describe the flavour and maybe we can help.Is it high VG e-juice? Or PG based? Those ratio in percentages you should apply to our e-liquid calculator, in order to get the right amount of VG, PG and nicotine in your final product. 18 mg is your 'desirable nicotine strength' in calculator. Have a look at this article in case you have any questions on how to use e-calculator http://makemyvape.co.uk/blog/guides-how-tos/how-to-use-our-e-liquid-calculator . Let us know if you have any more questions!

29/03/2017, 12:15:00 PM

Hi you say 72mg of nicotine in 1ml of solution, how is that possible when 72mg of nicotine is about 72ml at standard room temperature and pressure? please if ive got a 7.2% of 100ml and it says 72mg how much nicotine in mg is actually in the solution?thanks

01/04/2017, 08:53:07 AM

Here's where I am confused. I understand the concept with the nicotine solution being diluted when it's pure nicotine mixed with VG/PG but where I get confused is when I run out of my 36mg/PG Nicotine solution and I grab a premixed bottle of say 500ml 70vg/30pg at 3mg NIC and I want to make a 10ml bottle of 3mg e-juice. Now this is not nicotine solution rather a 500ml bottle of 70/30 premixed at 3mg NIC. Where I get confused is from what if I have that premixed base is it still 3mg NIC per ml? If so and I go 3mg X 500ml = 1500mg NIC ??? If it's in a bottle of premix like this and already at 3mg NIC, to make a 3mg nic solution for a 15ml bottle of this premixed solution and I want flavor of 10% I put 1.5ml of flavor and then fill the 15ml bottle with 13.5 of my premix is it still 3mg ? If so I guess once it's diluted it's at 3mg NIC not matter how big the bottle right ? In other words if I took my 500ml 70/30 3MG NIC base and poured it into a 10 ml bottle would I have 10ml of 3mg 70/30. The NIC would not increase if it's already pre-mixed right? Don't know why this confuses me. If I vaped a 60ml bottle of 3mg NIC 70/30 base It would still be 3mg NIC right. Not 3mg per ml of base?

Darth Vaper:
24/03/2018, 07:31:56 PM

Not sure if this has actually been answered yet, or if your experience has got better since this post, but from what I understand, you have a premixed base at 3mg. You want to add some flavour, and mix your own in smaller quantities, and you want the flavour to be fair and consistent. Right?Basically, regardless of how much you mix in, your 3mg premix will remain 3mg unless you add more NIC to the mix.

Make My Vape:
04/04/2017, 10:05:40 AM

Hi!I must say it does sound confusing... None of our pre mix bases contains nicotine. We sell nicotine in two different strength; 50mg and 72mg and it is the milligrams diluted in each milliliter. I'm not sure were you've bought this premix that contain nicotine, but it would be worth it to contact seller if that information is not written on the label. I would assume it would be 3mg strenght 500 ml bottle of ready liquid and all you have to do is just to add flavouring.

14/10/2017, 07:59:12 AM

Hi, I’m new to this and trying to look up 72mg nicotine on your website but can’t find it, I can only find 18mg. Do you still sell 72mg? Thanks

Noel blunt:
06/04/2017, 10:42:21 AM

Hi wondering if you can help if I wanted to make 1 litre of 3mg vape what would I need to order off your site say rhubarb and custard flavour?

Make My Vape:
11/04/2017, 09:35:34 AM

Hi!It would depend what ratio you're aiming to achieve... Try the X Large DIY Kit at first, and maybe get an extra 500ml base of VG. I would also recommend the strongest 72mg nicotine in 100ml. Use our e-calculator to get exact amounts.

01/05/2017, 12:08:05 AM

Hi I have bought a 70ml bottle of liquid and they gave me a 10ml bottle of nicotine shot, I like my nicotine at 3mg and they said to put the whole 10ml into the liquid bottle which is what I have done, have I done it right? or have I put in too much nicotine? please help as I am scared to vape it!!!!!!!

Make My Vape:
11/05/2017, 09:27:04 AM

Hi Molly!If the nicotine shot you've bought was 18mg strength, then yes add the whole bottle to get 3mg. Check our e-calculator! We have already add the 18mg feature to it :)

James Rigby:
31/05/2017, 12:34:42 AM

I have a bottle of pre mixed 12mg base 30pg 70vg I would like to make some 6mg juice from it I use 100% Pg concentrates what would I need to dilute it by for it to still come out as 30pg 70vg at the end?

Make My Vape Shop:
28/11/2017, 05:18:28 PM

Hi James,I'm not sure if you would be able to dilute this down as the nicotine is already added to the mix. You would be better off starting from fresh with non nicotine base then you can add your required nicotine.

Simon Welch:
31/05/2017, 08:49:33 AM

Is this not out of date now, I can only see nicotine in 18mg? If i want 18mg then what are the ratios, using the equation above then (18/18)*10 = 10 so all 10ml which leaves no room for any flavours etc. When I use the calculator with target strength of 18mg an 70/30 PG/VG it gives me negative PG numbers, I'm confused how to I achieve a target strength of 18mg?

Make My Vape Shop:
28/11/2017, 05:22:07 PM

Hi Simon,This article is slightly out of date regarding the nicotine but it is the same idea. If you are getting negative numbers I'd suggest swapping your nicotine base and this should sort your problem. It's probably that you are trying to put in too much VG/PG for this ratio.Hope this helps.

14/06/2017, 04:58:01 PM

Hey guys just a quick one, with the new nic shots can we use the calculator the same as before? Eg now instead of selecting 72/mg select 18/mg? or is there something im missing? cheers guys!

Make My Vape Shop:
28/11/2017, 05:19:37 PM

Hi Jamie,You can use the calculator exactly the same but setting the nicotine base strength to 18mg instead of 72mg.Hope this helps :)

Debrah Yeo:
12/08/2017, 10:10:23 AM

Hi I just want a neutral non flavour vape 12mg strength. What do I need to order please?

Make My Vape Shop:
28/11/2017, 05:26:58 PM

Hi Debrah,It is quite hard to achieve a 12mg with the new nicotine we sell, if a 10mg strength would suit you then we could put together a kit which would work for that.Drop us an email or give us a call :)

15/08/2017, 03:34:37 PM

I'm ok with amounts of nicotine to add to my juice, so my question is after adding the nicotine is there a preferred amount of time to leave the mix before smoking. I have had mixed results so far. Thanks!

Make My Vape:
28/11/2017, 05:30:39 PM

Hi Ian,We usually recommend around 3-5 steeping days, basically the longer you leave it the better it is.Just because this allows times for the flavours to enhance and also settle down:)

Ashley Morgan:
23/09/2017, 02:31:40 PM

Hi, i'm after some help. I have just started to make my own e-liquid, I currently smoke 2.4 (24mg) 10ml bottles but i am trying to make a 500ml batch what would the calculations be to get the 24mg strength (Hit) please?

Make My Vape:
28/11/2017, 05:32:04 PM

Hi Ashley,We only sell 18mg nicotine so you wouldn't be able to achieve a 24mg using our nicotine, you could make a 10mg fairly easy but you wouldn't be able to make 24mg.Sorry about that:(

30/09/2017, 08:44:43 PM

Hi is 30ml the same as 3ml.

06/10/2017, 09:28:30 PM

Hi. I currently vape premixed juices at 18mg, how can I possibly recreate this when the highest nicotine you sell is 18mg and surely needs to be diluted? Confused!

Make My Vape:
28/11/2017, 05:36:40 PM

Hi OJ,You're right regarding the 18mg nicotine and diluting, the highest strength you can really achieve from this is around 10mg.If this is something you'd be interested in and need any further help then drop us and email or call :)

Denii Mason:
14/10/2017, 08:21:04 AM

Hi, I’m new to this and bit confused about nicotine strengths!! It says you sell 50mg and 72mg nicotine but can only find 18mg on the website? Thanks

14/10/2017, 04:02:14 PM

If i had a 50ml bottleof flavour and added a 10ml bottle of 18mg nicotine.. Is this 3mg? Im on 3mg vapes but this is the first time i have used a mixer, im worried its now stronger than 3mg.

Make My Vape:
28/11/2017, 05:38:39 PM

Hi Tina,Yes it would make it 3mg.

14/10/2017, 09:04:39 PM

Do you sell 50mg and 72mg nicotine shots please? I can’t find them on your website and I am wanting to start making my own e liquid at home, Thanks

Make My Vape:
28/11/2017, 05:38:05 PM

Hi Denii,We used to sell these but due to the new TPD regulations we are not allowed to sell them anymore:( 18mg works just as well though.

Nemr Abboud:
19/10/2017, 03:24:52 PM

Hi I have bought a 30 ml bottle of 3 mg nicotine. how is this amount comparable to nicotine from a pack of 20 "light" cigarettes?

Make My Vape:
28/11/2017, 05:41:13 PM

Hi Nemr,The amount of nicotine in each cigarette was from 6.17 to 12.65 mg depending on type and brand.Hope this helps,

Cailan Thompson:
29/10/2017, 12:35:43 AM

Ive 120mls of juice that needs nicotine and ive 72mg of nicotine how much do i add to make 3mg nicotine levels

04/11/2017, 09:55:21 PM

What can you do if you put to much nicotine in? Can you just simply add more PG/VG to dilute the nicotine

Make My Vape:
27/11/2017, 10:14:39 AM

Mark - Yes you can add additional PG and VG to the mix if you have added too much nicotine. Remember to add more flavour concentrate too as the flavour will be diluted now.

06/11/2017, 12:40:44 PM

How much nicotine do I have to add to my 100ml to make 3mg

15/11/2017, 04:14:10 PM

So am I correct in thinking that for every 1ml of liquid I vape I will receive 3mg of nicotine into my system?

James Pawley:
31/01/2018, 12:27:40 PM

Mark, you would, if your body absorbed all of the nicotine in the liquid. But you are almost certainly breathing some out again. So 3mg would be a theoretical maximum rather than an accurate figure.

John Osborne:
18/11/2017, 10:39:35 AM

Just bought premixed 7.2mg vg 500ml bottle how much will I need to put in to 1 litre to make 3 mg I was thinking 150ml could you please give me some advice thanks regards

James Pawley:
31/01/2018, 11:06:01 AM

John, If your premix is 72mg (or 7.2%) you would add 43.5ml to a litre to make 3mg liquid.However, if it is 7.2mg, you would need to add 714ml. I would guess the former is the case, but please check carefully before you begin.

Bryan Dav:
07/01/2018, 09:43:22 PM

I have a 500ml basic eliquid that is 12 mg of nicotine. I have a 200 ML bottle of my flavored ejuice that has 6 mg of nicotine. How much nicotine do I need to add so my 200 ml bottle will be 12 mg of nicotine?

Make My Vape:
24/01/2018, 10:59:18 AM

Hi Bryan, to do this you will need to use 18mg nicotine liquid. Adding 200ml of 18mg nicotine liquid to your 200ml of flavoured 6mg liquid will give you 400ml at 12mg strength. However, this will dilute the flavour, so I would try with a small amount first to see what kind of result you get.

18/01/2018, 06:35:20 PM

Hey there,I have question that is related to the topic kind off. The issue is i use the liquids that are already mixed with nicotine but recently the shop i purchase them have stopped doing the mg i need , so i was thinking, is there a way to use others such as a bottle of 10mle , menthol 10ml putting less than half into the bottle and then adding another lower such as 5 or 3? would that work and create a 8ml nicotine in a 10ml bottle?

Make My Vape:
24/01/2018, 02:31:18 PM

Hi Rose, yes you could do this. If you have 10ml liquid and 5ml liquid and want to make 8ml liquid, you would need to mix 2 parts of the 5mg with 3 parts of the 10mg. For example 4ml of 5mg liquid plus 6ml of 10mg liquid gives you 10ml of 8mg liquid.

George Budden:
23/01/2018, 09:24:07 AM

If I'm getting a litre of vape fluid, and i want it at 6mg, how much nicotine do i add?

Make My Vape:
24/01/2018, 11:02:46 AM, www.makemyvape.co.uk

Hi George, if you have a litre of already mixed e-liquid and you want to add nicotine to it to achieve 6mg. You will need to add 500ml of 18mg VG nicotine, giving you a total of 1.5 litres at 6mg strength.

JAMES Millard:
02/02/2018, 04:09:52 PM

How can I make two flavers a 1.5mg

James Pawley:
07/02/2018, 10:54:27 AM

James, if you are mixing from scratch and using 18mg nicotine, you will need to put 5ml of nicotine liquid for every 60ml that you make. If you are adding nicotine liquid to non nicotine e-liquid, add 0.9ml for every 10ml of juice that you are starting with. For the second case, I have made a little tool to check https://makemyvape.co.uk/shortfill-nicotine-calculator

06/02/2018, 01:49:07 PM

Hi, can you explain this please. If vaping at 60w and 3mg of nicotine with 3x5second burts how much nicotine am I consuming? Compared to 14w of 18mg of nicotine and taking a blast from time to tine? Thanks

James Pawley:
07/02/2018, 11:05:59 AM

James, That is a very good question with a fairly difficult answer. The best explanation of what happens with nicotine absorption that I have seen was published in Nature, and can be seen here: https://www.nature.com/articles/srep04133/

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