Caramel Cookie
A sweet treat

4% Caramel - TFA
1% Ethyl Maltol - TFA
7% Graham Cracker - FW
6% Sugar Cookie - FW

Recommended Steeping Time
4 Days

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9 Comment(s)

18/02/2016, 11:01:48 AM

Great simple easy to make recipe. Also made a batch with added peanut butter and marshmallow.

Daniel Taylor:
08/11/2016, 08:17:31 PM

Hi Bradley, I was just wondering what % of peanut butter and marshmallow you added ?

27/02/2016, 07:49:36 PM

Love it all day vape also added 3% coconut

Alan marshall:
07/07/2016, 10:32:55 PM

Great vape mix at 30 pg 70 vg use all day long

20/08/2016, 12:19:53 PM

Great recipe, made this on my first DIY, my number one vape.

21/08/2016, 06:04:06 PM

Sweet but a tad bland will try the added peanut butter ;)

01/09/2016, 01:07:57 PM

That's the beauty of DIY E-liquid! It is totally up to you and your taste preferences.

23/10/2016, 11:04:55 AM

Very nice recipe, needs a bit more flavour though so increased caramel to 6% and was much nicer.

Tarek Raslan:
02/11/2016, 11:09:11 PM, ..

I tried this mix and i must say that its awesome, Caramel and cookies are very clear with slight sweet taste

lee wilkinson:
10/11/2016, 08:19:16 PM

Great company rapid delivery, caramel cookie is awesome I have x5 100ml bottles steeping my number one vape perfect

Nick Wood:
22/05/2017, 05:28:34 AM

I want to make 100ml of this so is this right?4ml - caramel 1ml - Ethyl Maltol 7ml - Graham Cracker 6ml - Sugar CookieAlso want it 3mg nicotine so how many drops is it for 100ml?Thanks in advance, Woody

Make My Vape:
23/05/2017, 11:51:47 AM

Yes the flavours amounts are correct. For Nicotine if you are using 72mg it would be 4.2ml and 6ml for 50mg.thanks

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