How to Mix E-Liquid - Video Guide

Posted by Make My 31/07/2015 2 Comment(s) Guides & How-to's,Videos,
Here is a great guide on how to mix e-liquid by Elliott from the Make My Vape labs. Mixing is a much simpler process than many people believe, and hopefully this video will get you one step closer to becoming a great mixologist!If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and subscribe to us on YouTube to find more helpful guides and tutorials related to DIY e-liquid mixing.Know any friends who want to get into making their own juice? Share this post with the social media buttons below!

2 Comment(s)

Ryan green:
22/02/2016, 10:33:10 AM

Can anyone tell me what ratio will my juice end up if I'm using 70%vg 30%pg pre mixed vg pg when I add nic and flavours all pg based?

Make My Vape:
23/02/2016, 10:35:30 AM

Ryan,What nicotine strength is your final liquid? What strength nicotine liquid are you putting in? And what percentage of flavour concentrate are you adding? If you could let me know, I will be able to tell you the ratio your final liquid will be. Thanks, James.

Ray Brown:
12/02/2017, 10:46:11 AM

If I have a 50/50 pg an vg pre mixed how do I work out how much to put in because ur calculator says u have to put so much pg in then so much vg in

Make My Vape:
14/02/2017, 11:33:58 AM

Hi!On E-liquid calculator just adjust your ratio slider on top, to 50/50. Remember that, by adding PG based flavour concentrates you will increased the amount of PG in your e-liquid.

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